Plushy Teemo Mushroom Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Posted on at 9:00 PM by Moobeat
 ( CONTEST IS OVER! Winners will be chosen shortly! )
Captain Giveaway on duty! Want to score one of these awesome plushy Teemo Mushrooms? Read on for details!
This cute lil' plushy version of one of Teemo's mushrooms comes to us from QQChrystal! It's 4"x 4" of the cutest ultimate you'll ever come across and it is as soft as Teemo himself!

Not only does QQChrystal make these awesome little shrooms by hand but she also makes adorable little Ziggs bombs and even more awesome Teemo hats! If you want to show her your support, be sure to peruse her etsy shop or check out her facebook page. If you are especially smitten, you can let her know how awesome she is over on twitter!

Anyway, I have TWO of these wonderful bundles of toxic joy to giveaway! To enter you can either

I'll stop accepting entries on Monday, September 3rd, at around 9:00pm PST and then I'll randomly pick two lucky winners. International entries are accepted so everyone is eligible to enter!

As with any other social media contest, REMEMBER TO CHECK YOUR MESSAGES ON FACEBOOK OR DIRECT MESSAGES/MENTIONS ON TWITTER ONCE THE CONTEST ENDS. If you don't, I'll be forced to give it to someone else! Sadly, I've had a few items go unclaimed and that makes me a sad Panda Teemo.

P.S I do have quite a few of these thanks to how generous QQChrystal is! Be on the look out for more of them in the near future.