New Xerath and Alistar skins now available!

Posted on at 11:17 AM by Moobeat

Scorched Earth Xerath and Infernal Alistar are now available for puchase on NA and EU servers! They are both priced at 975 Riot Points and are just full of fire and brimstone. Check them out below!
Scorched Earth Xerath

Infernal Alistar


  1. And with the xerath ult-nerf reverted in next patch, scorched earth will be bought too :D

  2. proud owner of S.E.X

  3. Any word on the other changes in the next patch? The patch preview talked about sona and malz changes, but there are always more balance changes they dont go over.

  4. This Xerath skin is awesome. if it had new voices could perfectly be legendary... :o