Early August Patch Preview

Posted on at 7:24 PM by Moobeat
The Early August Patch Preview is here. Check out upcoming changes in store for Rumble, Urgot, Cho'Gath, and some updates for the Tribunal.

Rumble Changes:
  • Lowering damage amplification from his passive Danger Zone
  • Lowering damage on Flamespitter
Urgot Changes:
  • Reverting damage change on his Q, base damage back up and AD ratio going back down.
Cho'Gath changes:
  • Quicker Cast times across the board.
  • Fixed issue with Rupture's cast time.
  • Vorpal Spikes now scale in size ( and ability to hit more targets ) as Cho gets bigger.
Tribunal Changes:
  • Reform cards, summations of the case that lead to a punishment for the offending player, are now sent along side any Tribunal Punishments. Read more!


  1. I guess they cut out the tiny ip bonus for doing it, huh? Oh well, I still enjoy reading and voting.

    1. No, they didn't. Guess again.

  2. Is PBE server down for anyone else? :/

    1. Same here, don't know why :/

    2. not down but after the patch the gameclient does not start :O

    3. For everyone having that problem(client not launching):
      - Go to this folder in your PBE directory: LOLPBE\RADS\projects\lol_air_client\releases\0.0.0 .142\
      - Delete releasemanifest and S_OK
      - Go into the deploy folder in that same directory
      - In there, delete the lib, logs, META-INF, and mod folders
      - Also delete LolClient.exe, LolClient.swf, and locale.properties
      - Repatch

  3. Welp, between the nerf and the skin, time to play ChoGath again!

  4. Cho'Gath needed a tuna!
    Awesome skins :O

  5. any other new skin or maybe dark valkyrie's splash art???

  6. Here's a leak of Diana's Champion spotlight

    Also her skills are included in preview

  7. This CHo skin maybe a theme cuz there is already one legendary skin for chogath

  8. When this video was released it said something about a change to the friends list in the description, but was removed a few minutes after. Just a head's up that we might see something change on the friend's list.

  9. Seeing this kit for Diana looks quite interesting as you can't basically escape her. (combined with exhaust and flash) like build a Frozen mallet for durability and the tiny slow combined with her E which basically add more slow AND pulls them to her and you can tag your target with the moon to constantly (like every 3-5sec refresh) your ultimate. And the ultimate can dart you everywhere as long you have a target. In addition if you have problem slowing the target down exhaust adds it even more up.

    Assuming all these I'd be wondering how phreak will view her in the champion spotlight. Jungler or top.

    Can barely wait to get hands on her. :D

  10. Noo Moobeat. I'm using my phone to view this website, and now its not user-friendly for mobile users. :( could you maybe look it over? Love ya.