7-24 News: Zyra, Muay Thai Lee Sin, Rumble Nerfs, and more!

Posted on at 3:25 AM by Moobeat
Included in July 24th's news is the launch of our newest champion Zyra, the release of the Mauy Thai Lee Sin skin, and delicious red posts about upcoming Rumble nerfs, Darius changes, and the possibility of future UI improvements.

Most excitingly, Zyra is now available to purchase and play! Sprouting up at the standard 975 RP / 6300 IP price point, you can fill yourself in about her kit and play style by checking out her champion spotlight or  you can navigate her in client champion page and preview all of her prickly abilities.

If you are just oh-so in love with our newest plant mage, you might be interested in picking up the limited Zyra bundle featuring the champion and her Wildfire Zyra Skin for a mere 1462 RP
A TON of new spell effects on Wildfire Zyra, including new plant/seed models and fiery particles.
Oh, don't forget to keep on the look out for Zyra's three hidden passives. Not sure what a hidden passive is? Check out the LoL wiki entry for more information to aid you in your hunt.

As promised, Mauy Thai Lee Sin was made available today in celebration of the Zyra patch deploying on Thai LoL servers. The new skin features crippling new animations based around the fighting style it shares a name with.

You can pick him up in game and enjoy throwing some heavy knee and elbow shots for 975 Riot Points.

I legit can not think of a champion I hate playing against more than Rumble despite my normal yordle love.
It looks like Rumble will soon be receiving nerfs to in light of his wacky high damage after a recent bug fixMorello explains the situation as
"There will be Rumble nerfs - we buffed him a LOT in the Jayce patch by fixing his flamethrower. Now, it does broken damage (since the skill was balanced when it was really buggy and never hit as much as it should have) but the skill actually hits

Basically, we need to boing the buffs back a bit, though Rumble will be stronger than before we buffed him in the first place. Xypherous did the fixes and may be able to explain in more detail.

tl:dr: We're nerfing him due to overbuffing in the last patch, but he'll still be good."
 Meddler later expands on this, going in a little bit more detail, by saying
"Flamespitter's what we're currently looking at since it's what benefited the most from his recent useability buffs (which dramatically upped its time on target and therefore effective damage). That's not to say the rest of the kit's guaranteed not to change of course, but that we're starting by seeing whether we can get the desired change with just modifications to Flamespitter."
It's no surprise a high damage, repeatable true damage ultimate is just as annoying in game as it is on paper.
Morello also dropped off a the comment that "Sol has some cool plans for Darius' ult from an annoying-ness standpoint." While this isn't very revealing, I wonder what this could mean for the Hand of Noxus. This post doesn't explicitly mention buffs or nerfs per say, but implies more of a mechanics change from the Solcrushed, the Rioter behind Xin Zhao's recent rework.

The ult / summoner spell display from Spectator Mode - clean, efficient, and informative.
On the subject of  UI improvements, Phreak commented on the possibility of future updates:
We do have a team focused on UI improvements right now, and you'll see the fruits of their labor some time in the future. I know I've suggested the Summoner/Ultimate addition, similar to what we have in Spectator."
I love this idea! Even among players with hundreds of wins, it's common to see players ask "is your ult up" despite the illuminated green circle on the character portraits. Furthermore, being able to avoid internecine team fights, at the hand of not yet cooled down flashes or other Summoner spells, can only promote healthier game play between summoners who can't rely on voice communication for strategy.

That rounds out the news for July 24th.  I'll also utilize the end of this post to remind everyone to check out Surrender at 20 on Facebook and Twitter. I normally post the news early through those mediums if you are just chomping at the bit for a speedy flow of information.


  1. Great post, I always check your site for the latest news and then I come back at the end of the day to make sure I didn't miss anything!

  2. Have you ever seen muay thai fighters walk? Look it up. They didnt make lee walk like that on accident. They wanted it to be realistic to how an actual muay thai fighter walks.

  3. i said the same thing i was playing last night and i saw one walking outa the fight and i was like dafuq?

  4. yes, the walking animation is authentical but i still don't like it because he should be running... i mean they just speed up the animation at 400+ movement speed so it looks awkward.

  5. I believe at least one passive includes Maokai.

  6. a post on twitter about the file names i'd better let you look https://twitter.com/#!/SkinSpotlights/media/slideshow?url=pic.twitter.com%2FiLxXvq3E

    so yorick, leona and maokai it is.

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  8. Diana is waiting for post :D
    Thanks 4 your attention :P

  9. i wonder if daiana is gonna be up in the next few weeks... i feel it's shitty on their part for releasing a champ once a month... i think she's gonna be purchasable 10 august or something.. and i'm optimistic.