7-20 News: Monsters, Punishments, and Bugs.

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Sorry for the late post! Scroll on down to check out of July 20th's interesting red posts and other League of Legends news. We'll start off with the highlights of Morello's big Champion Variety post, move on to the new Reform Cards, and finish up with the loose ends.

Morello finally submitted his post about champion variety, themes, and archetypes today. The post is very, very long and I suggest you go take a look at it. Here is an except from the summation at the end of the post.
We have some smart plans to improve this and bring greater variety, especially on the species front, and have some other big plans for our world that will make this level-up big time. What you see, the gameplay, what you read, hear and experience all has to come together to make a notable and specific experience. Fans of Lulu, Zyra and Draven should be very different League players. That’s intentional! We all have strong, specific creative preferences – and many times those differ from other players’. The key to making this work is to provide variety – few players should like every champion, but all players should find champions that they are like “that one is for me!”
There was, however, lots of interesting stuff  in the discussion that followed the post. Here are the highlights:
In any case, I'm sure we'll see a few of these champions pop up soon enough.

Moving on, Riot's Player Behavior & Justice (PB&J) is introducing a new system to the Tribunal, The Reform Card!
An Example Reform card showing the results of a Tribunal case.
The Reform card is an attachment that comes along side Tribunal punishments that allows those found guilty a chance to see what they did and, perhaps, reflect on what they can to do change their attitude or behavior. Guilty Summoners will be mailed these cards regardless of what punishment they receive ( warning, ban, perma ban, etc ) and is not retroactive - so if you've already been judged by the Tribunal you will not relieve one. To read more about this experimental new feature of the Tribunal, check out the announcement and discussion thread.

On the other side of this coin, Lyte also mentioned that he was "...working with RiotNinjaTabby to do a feature for the people who judge in the Tribunal..." but it has no ETA for now.

Regrettably, we are still awaiting for the Queen of Thorns to be unlocked on Live Servers.

While Zyra is still unavailable for play, you can read up on her design process by checking out this interview with Morello and CertainlyT, designers responsible for our prickly upcoming champion. They discuss her origins, how they arrived at the seed mechanic, what role they wanted to squeeze her into, and much more!

Have you tried the new Eve out? Maybe you should!
Statikk stopped by a thread on the general forums to address the Evelynn rework and how Riot approached her recreation. He highlights the fact that Evelynn is intended to be stealthy, not invisible. He also commented about Evelynn's new learning curve and gave a break down of how he sees the various skill levels of Evelynn players:
  • Unintentionally evades Sight Wards and minion vision
  • Intentionally evades Sight Wards and minion vision
  • Optimizes ganking paths by positioning to cutoff escape paths
  • Layers the passive stealth with other vision advantages such as brush and walls to optimize safe scouting
  • Uses the reveal warning systems to deduce where enemy Sight/Vision Wards are
  • Understands how to position before team fights in order to flank the enemy back line

While he has since been reanbled, Darius spent the majority of Friday disabled because of a glitch involving his Apprehend ability and the summoner spell Teleport. The issue has been hotfixed, but check out a video of it below; it's pretty entertaining.

..,And that does for the new from 7-20. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I'm not gonna lie, I read the Tribunal Card and laughed really really hard.

  2. http://na.leagueoflegends.com/board/showthread.php?p=27224928#27224928

    Diana inc!

  3. Hahahah, i love the Dariu's Bug xD

  4. Darius bug is great

  5. Morello says "before 2013" on the elemental champ post.. not "before the end of 2013"

    1. yeah, I meant before the end of 2012. whoops

  6. Great post, thanks :D. I honestly don't know why're they crying about female champs being busty... like.. akali is flat, so are the yordle girls, annie etc. the fact is simple, i'd rather be watching some curvy eye candy than a blob of fat.

    Ending that subject. I'd like to see a maniacal tim burton style of champ like fiddle or shaco. I really hope teek is like that.

    1. Hate to break it to you bro, but Akali is most definitely not flat.

    2. damn, you're right, i remembered a art piece of some guy with summoner girls in bikinis and he drew her flat but that is not the case in the original splash art and i forgot that sorry.

  7. After looking at zyras pompador i realised she needs a skin based on crimson viper from street fighter they can make it anither punk skin like twitch and brand.

  8. So apparently the new soraka is out? ... urm it looks just like divine soraka but with white hair. link > http://images.wikia.com/leagueoflegends/images/3/31/Skin_760px_6453_1-1-.jpg

    1. now that i went into it, this might be a custom skin.

    2. That looks terrible. If this really is the new soraka she's still ugly.
      Look at how Ashe was before the rework and how she's now I'd say this is a custom skin.. one can only hope..

    3. after a further investigation, that shit is custom... i really hope they make her look cooler.

  9. RIOT, Y U NO ZYRA? Yeah im pretty tired of waiting for her release, i've played her at least 30 times on the PBE. Any hints concerning her release? Or is it still soon(tm)?

  10. is there no new post or am i having trouble with the site? the trending page on 9gag doesnt seem to be updateing either that's why i asked.