7-19 News: Tons of... Red Posts!

Posted on at 6:20 PM by Moobeat
( Note: There was a massive patch last night! Check it out if you've some how missed the news! )

Trying something a bit new with today's post! Since this is mainly a collection of  today's interesting red posts,  I've tried to organize them into general categories: Informative Posts about the game, Reactions to the recent patch and balance changes, and information on the newly released skins. After you've sailed through the sea of red posts, enjoy some relaxing information about the upcoming skin and champion sale.
On with the red posts!

 Morello submitted an interesting post, last night, about clarity and how it affects the game. Here is an exerpt from his rather lengthy post:
"What is clarity in regards to game design?

Clarity is a design paradigm in which you try to make gameplay-relevant information readable and understandable at a glance. From artistic direction to game design, from abilities to VFX, clarity (or the lack of it) effects every aspect of a game, top to bottom.

You said understandable at a glance! That is noobish/casual/etc

This is the broad misconception that couches this entire debate. Actually, most good competitive games have good to great clarity, and every single professional sport and highly-watched eSport has it too. The secret is, almost none of these games are simple or easy."
While it is far to long to post in its entirity, I highly encourage you to give it a read over on the general forums

Xypherous commented about player choice and character customization by saying he believes summoners need more choices, both in-game ( items ) and pre-game ( runes/masteries ). May this mean we have some new items to look forward to in the near future? Check out his full post and see for yourself:
"Working on it... This is basically my major focus at the moment. Players don't have enough choices in game to be expressive in-game and pre-game to actually make strong decisions. The most influential choice a player has right now is champion selection - because everything else is a tad stifling at the moment.

As a side note, this is actually what I believe needs to be done first before we talk about player adaptation to environment - because there's just not enough a player can do in game through itemization to adapt to what he sees on the opposing side"

Balance and Patch Reaction Posts:
In the wake of all of these reworks, Morello reminded players, specially those concerned about the power levels of Eve, Twitch, and Xin, that ".. normal balance changes can fix any remaining issues. That's what reworks set up for us".

This is an important piece of information to remember and I'd like to expand on it a little. Such extensive changes to a champions kit facilitate more balanced and healthy game play experiences. The three champions reworked in this patch has toxic mechanics that forced Riot to "band aid" them and keep their power level relatively low for the greater good of the game. Now that they have a more balanced kit, Riot can tweak numbers to adjust their power without having to worry about them ruining the game for other players.

It turns out Urgot is pretty bummed about his heavy nerfs this patch.

Moving on, you may have noticed Urgot got hit pretty hard by the nerf stick this patch. Damage and range nerfs on his Q, a slew of cast range reductions, and cool down increases have left him in a sour state with many players regarding him as "trash tier". There is some good news though, Statikk took to the forums to address this issue and apologize for going a bit overboard with the nerfs. His post reads:
"...We intend for Urgot to be a tanky mid-range anti-carry. The long range / harass nerfs work to do that while the Q nerf actually does the opposite (forces him to build squishy).

Overall we did intend to nerf Urgot and at the same time address playing against frustrations as much as possible. What was not intended was to completely change his playstyle and remove his unique team role / purpose.

Next patch we will be reverting the damage changes to Urgot's Q."

Sweet, sweet instant cast Void zone.
Continuing the topic of balance, Xypherous provided some clarity about the recent changes to Malzahar's W cast time and it's function. He says: 
"Malzahar's 'W' used to have a cast time of 0.25 seconds and the damage started instantly.

Now it has no cast time, but the tick of damage is delayed 0.25 seconds. Time from cast to damage is 0.25 seconds."
 Don't forget to check out all the other playability changes to Malz this patch.

An example of the newly increased turret vision increase. Check out the full image here.
To clear up any confusion, Xypherous also reinforced that the recent increase in turret vision is "Increased range is vision only - so their attack range shouldn't have increased."

About The New Skins:
Riot's advert for the new Cass skin, showing off her new default particles and the skin's unique ult graphic.
While Exalted Cassiopeia is now available for purchase, it seems there is some confusion about what new particles are included in the skin. While it was unmentioned in the patch notes, Cassiopeia did received  an entirely new set of particles for ALL of her skins. The only thing unique to the new Cass skin is, as confirmed by ricklessabandon, her ultimate having a "projection of her face when she uses petrifying gaze".

Muay Thai Lee Skin, featuring a slew of new animations relative to the fighting style.

Speaking of skins, Muay Thai Lee Sin was available for purchase ( and included in the patch notes ) when the servers came up. Many summoners have noticed that he is now unavailaboe for puchase, prompting some questions. Lucky for you NeeksNaman has an answer for you about this skin.
"Muay Thai Lee Sin, aside from being generally badass, is our way of celebrating the launch of League of Legends in Thailand. Since Thai Summoners won’t be getting the mid-July patch until next week, it kind of sucks for them if everyone else gets the skin first. If you’ve already bought it, you’ll of course still be able to use the skin in-game. We’ll be putting Muay Thai Lee Sin back up in the store next week after he launches in Thailand."

Closing out the day's news , we have a new champion and skin sale! Maokai (  487 RP ), Zilean ( 292 RP ), and Ziggs ( 487 RP ) around out the half off champions this week while Darkrider Sejuani ( 487 RP ) , Road Warrior Miss Fortune ( 260 RP ), and Baron Von Veigar ( 487 RP ) are out reduced price skins. These prices are good between July 20th and July 23rd.

There is also a new Summoner Showcase. Should I continue to include these in the daily new round ups or not?

P.S: Here is the new dance for Malz's voidlings, just as Xypherous promised. On a scale of cute to awesome, I'd rate this a Teemo.


  1. WAIT WAIT but...they only nerfed the urgot's range...but the damn damage of his Q is too damn high now!...they buffed him lol

    1. It used to scale off base AD and now it scales off of only bonus AD.

  2. dat voidling dance <3

  3. Alot of useful information but all i can think about is that voidling dancing

  4. TotalBiscuit went on a trip to riot a few months ago (just a bit after athene's was released) and got the work on his item started. In one of his videos he said he was getting a top hat. I don't know about you but in my book top hat means AP item .

  5. Stop posting SUMMONER SHOWCASES, no one cares about that.

  6. "Morello submitted an interesting post, last night, about clarity and how it effects the game"

    Shouldn't it be something like "how it affects the game"?

    Other than that, great roundup, as always. :)

  7. Played xin today im shocked battlecry and 3 talon strike dont have counters on their buff icon to tell you how many hits left until you knock up or heal, hes way stronger but the delay on his ult drives me crazy considering how reponsive other knock backs tend to be.

    Eve builds just like jax now only you send her jungle instead of top, trinity, gunblade, cover all your damage needs now just bulk up with tank items.

    Twitch is a strong late game carry now but his lack of poke/nuke/harass makes him valnerable in lane. You have to keep up your passive stacks in lane or expung will never be strong eouph to intimidate your enemy.

    I dislike malzahar makeing a comback the only "counter play" to whether or not malz combos you into oblivion is "did you buy quicksilver sash yes/no"

  8. I bought Urgot yesterday and they are already nerfing him. Why don't they nerf Xin instead... God I hate Riot.

    1. Xin needed that rework like you wouldnt beleive, Unless you mean nerfing the newly reworked xin?

      And they already said they are revertibg the urgot change...why are you upset? (the q changes was a bit much, but the nerds to e and r were neccessary urgot is a MANDATORY ban on purple team thats what we call imbalanced)

      The reworks on in their monitoring stage, and te urgot nerf is being reverted this time next week you will have nothing to complain about. Its like this is your first patch, trust me been playing this game for over 3 years ive been through over 70 patches, riot is doing a better job thab any other moba out there. 2/3 - 3/4 of the roster is pick worthy in tournament level play and no ban is above 75% that is a balance milestobe other competitive games dream about.

  9. Eww dont post summnerz showcase please letpeople go to lol for that lol

    1. Noted. I just added them as a test run since I received a few comments and emails to include them to start including them. I'd rather save the space personally.

  10. One year of playing Urgot and as soon as he gets some love (and a skin) in a few tournaments *boom* dead.

    How is he supposed to be an anti-carry with his now poor range and ridiculously high CDR on E? All his playstyle is now totally unrewarding: either you miss or land your NCC, you A. won't be able to follow up with more than a Q, since the enemy support will throw a CC at you / the enemy carry simply walks back a few steps and be out of range B. have to wait forever for the skill to come back up and you're left with a silly 425 AA range.

    Urgot doesn't build life steal and there are no AD Caster items since SpellVamp is broken on AD items.

    He has no sustain, but a crappy shield that's the only way he has to mitigate damage, but it's nerfed and if you don't level your E your chances of doing some damage in the most precious phase of the game are reduced to 0.

    Rank 1 Ultimate is meh, they should just make it available at lv11 and 16 at this point.

    In S1 with these changes he probably could've still stood a chance in top lane, but now they'll just ignore the damage, push the tower and slaughter you.

    I hope they'll revert back not only the Q damage, but also everything else...at least Q's range.

    1. Uh spare me the siv story, urgot was one of the strongest champions in the game for over 10 season 2 tiurnaments thats like 3-4 month its about time they knocked the crown off his head. 4/3/2/1/0 extra seconds on his E is no big deal, the range on his R is still long enouph to grab your average ranged carry, his sheild weak? Its so strong you should be leveking it second and its one of te best sheilds iut there, its spamable and provides a slow.

      Their gonna revert the change on his Q snd hell be right back on top again, for one am tired of picking or banning urgot evry siblngle game, these changes are justified you have no reason to be QQing this hard, if you truely played urgot for a year youd understabd jur how strong he was in the past few months, an how strong hell still be after the Q revert.

  11. Replies
    1. Me too. I'm glad to finally have a Sejuani skin.

    2. I wanted an Eve sale. They should have just put up the reworked trio; it's even the right number of champs for a rework sale.

    3. I bought the tree! Been waiting for him to go on sale :)

  12. Hey! Can you take a look at Morello's comment on the missing black champ? I found them unsatisfactory. Thought it might be a cool story!

  13. This made my day, thank you :)

  14. Morello posted (and is still kind-of responding to it with IronStylus) his Monster-Champ-Variety megapost!

    In addition to a slew of upcoming champion spoilers here and there,
    -Morello saying a humanoid (Nasus, Rene) beast champion is coming -soon-
    -Morello saying, when asked about the next void champ, you'd love our next monster
    -IronStylus jumping in and saying he might know the next archetype after Zyra (Diana our next champion?)

    I'm excited C:

    1. Can you give the link to this thread? I MUST SEE IRONSTYLUS'S COMMENT ON THE NEXT CHAMP. If the next one's Diana, I'll be overjoyed, been saving up IP ever since I learnt of her existence from her!! :D

    2. Same dude here as before, never mind, I found the thread :D God there's a lot of cool stuff to come from the sounds of things. ^^

  15. yes include summoners showcase i lose track of them

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