More Problems on 6-21

Posted on at 4:44 PM by Moobeat

 RiotRara has taken to reddit and twitter to post an update on the issues with the NA servers. This update, in light of the servers AND website/forums having problems, says*:

Hey Summoners,
We are currently experiencing some issues with our North American servers and website. We are looking into it and will give you updates as they arrive. I'll link back to our forums once it's up and running, but for now I'll be updating you guys through here.
Update: Launcher status is set to Offline. Loss Forgiveness mode is enabled.
Update 2: Website is now online. See here for more info.
For context: Loss Forgiveness, or 'The Button', is a mode we can enable where losses and leaves are not counted, nor can you lose Elo. However, Elo gains are halved to offset Elo inflation. Unfortunately, this only applies to games that end after it has been enabled.

* this has been updated several times to corespond with the edits on the reddit post.

edit 1 ( ~ 5:00 pm PST ) : League site is back up. Well, it's up enough to inform us of the unscheduled maintenance.

edit 2 (~ 5:45 pm PST ): League site is back up and the thread on reddit has been updated, so I updated this post accordingly.

edit 3 ( 5:00 am PST ): Servers are back up and the login queues are nearly gone. Ranked Queues are still disabled though.


  1. Yesterday the EuWest server explode and they don't say anything :/


    (just joking ... The truth is: Pulsefire Ezreal too stronk for the server)

  3. Really getting tired of all the bugs, lag and problems that comes with LoL.

  4. EUW was like this for 3 years, now you NA guys are getting it >.<

  5. Do you think they will give us a *30* win IP boost now? Or perhaps RP?

    1. You're asking for too much if you really think they would do that, RP possibly but not likely after the 10 win boost, and no way they would give anyone a 30 win boost.

  6. Only NA is mot important for Riot :S so Sad :S