Catching Up On What Happened during 6-20

Posted on at 4:41 PM by Moobeat
(( Sorry for this late post, I was gone all day yesterday with work and I'm just now able to catch up. ))

Seems like yesterday was full of bugs and server issues, with just a hint of Jayce rumors. Let's take a look at what went down on 6-20:

1) Patch Deployed

The last patch, which was originally deployed on 6-17 but then rolled back in light of all the server issues, was redeployed. The patch notes remain the same ( click here to check them out ), but there were still, apparently, several kinks to work out...

2) More problems!
Between a log in queue rocketing over tens of thousands or just going down , servers going down,  and a bajillion bugs ( teleport to abilities not working, xerath ult bug, baron buffed, and many more ), I think it's safe to say the 6-20 patch was as busted as the 6-17 patch. While it was never rolled back, it certainly caused many issues that are still persisting into 6-21.

3) Possible Jayce Abilities Leak?

( You should take whats below with a grain of salt. Still speculative, but it does match up well with the sound clips and animation files. )

While the constant server issues have proven to be quite distracting, we are still without a lot of official information about Jayce, the next champion. His animation files ( above ) and sound files have made it into the various PBE patches, but we haven't got anything from Riot's tight sealed lips, As a thread on reddit has discovered, the latest leak, from a Chinese LoL site, seems to have a rough draft of his abilities laid out:  Jayce appears to have an ability  that allows him to switch his weapon ( changing auto attacks and a few abilities ). He toggles from a hammer to an energy cannon of some sort.  You can check out the links for yourself, as it's all very messy and unconfirmed at this point; still looks very interesting though.


  1. I've been trying to search around for the actual Riot posts for the quote in the third post here ( stating that the 100th champ is female.

    I'm also searching through Ezreal's AMA forum post looking for his quote (

    I'm still holding out with the hope that the 100th champion is a girl :< Too many beefy dudes in a row, lol :]

    1. Also, here is a bit about a possible female upcoming champion, perhaps its what you were looking for?

      he was just talking about a hand to hand female champion, similar to Tifa from ff7.

    2. He never said female.

    3. Darnit, I smell a troll D:
      Thanks for the links though!