Varus Champion Spotlight

Posted on at 11:10 PM by Moobeat
While we still have no updates on the planned release date of Varus, Riot has posted his official champion spotlight. Noticeably, Varus only has one alternative skin available, I wonder if this is due to all of the other delays, the fact that his particles differ between the two skins, or what.

In other news, there is an unplanned maintenance scheduled for early on 5-8, although there is no mention of Varus. This maintenance will fix the bug of other players not being able to invite to games they have joined.


  1. strange how there's only one skin available. i suspect they are keeping one for another day. and it'll be even more epic than this yellow recolour that people would just have to have it. :(

  2. Obviously, I haven't played a single game of LoL since I got into the DotA 2 beta in January. I still check in on this blog from time to time.

    Good to see Riot is still ripping off of DotA heros.

    Piercing arrow = windrunner's powershot
    Hail of Arrows = sniper's shrapnel barrage

    Good work.

    1. But DotA 2 steals everything from DotA ^_____^