PBE Updated - New Skins, Ashe Models, and SR!

Posted on at 9:12 PM by Moobeat
The PBE has been updated and tons of new information is pouring in! The patch included new skins, the Ashe graphic rework, and the graphical changes to Summoner's Rift.

Thanks to Slushe, I present you the newest skins to hit the Fields of Justice. We have a new Amumu, Shyvanna, and ( FINALLY ) Swain skin! We also have some shots of the new Ashe models ( reposted from redditor Dyloslawer ).

Sad Robot Amumu

Darkflame Shyvanna

Tyrant Swain

( Model Remake )

Amethyst Ashe also got some new spell effects, but I'm not exactly sure if these animations ( obviously sans recolor ) are exclusive to her or are also present on the other skins as well.

Check out this rather lengthy video, courtesy of State Of The League, highlighting the excellent Summoner's Rift graphical update.

Some crappy screen caps of the new monsters! They come complete with new animations and models.
Image Courtesy of Redditor das_Es, showing off the new ground coloring.

Side note: DIABLO 3 OUT SOON.

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  1. Wow the wok they are putting into their new skins is extraordinary. Love the Swain one but was kinda holding swains next skin would be crimson elite