Champion Sneak Peek - Darius, the Hand of Noxus

Posted on at 5:51 AM by Moobeat

I must admit, our upcoming champion Darius looks like quite the BAMF. Check out the sneak peek above and below!
If you’ve ever been frustrated by your progress in a given position, you might want to look to Darius, the Hand of Noxus, for inspiration. In order to secure his own advancement, this determined champion has repeatedly employed the foolproof method of lopping his boss’ head off. So whether you believe that the road to power is paved with the headless bodies of your enemies, or you simply think that a good beheading is a rather expedient method of dealing with red tape, we think you’ll agree that Darius makes a fine addition to the League of Legends.

* Riot Games does not endorse participation in any beheadings, decapitations or other incidences of fatal mayhem. In the event that you should experience sudden bouts of Machiavellian violence or rapid and very explicable career advancement, please consult your doctor or therapist. By purchasing Darius you absolve Riot Games of responsibility for any maniacal rampages that may ensue.
- NeeksNaman, Web Content Specialist, via the official forums.


  1. Replies
    1. You know Phreak cannot create a champ who can't jungle. So he gonna be jungling.

  2. His face reminds me of Jhonny Knoxville...

  3. has no self sustain and needs auto attacks for passive unless his kit is broken early game he will be another junlger with a grab move. Also has a execution move i feel that some noobs will get rick rolled by him jumping from target to target. Wonder how he scales i really hopes hes an AD caster because then the moves will actually scale properly.