Varus on the PBE later today!

Posted on at 3:33 PM by Moobeat

Hopefully we can expect some new skins and tentative patch notes as well! I'll keep you updated, but you can always check back to the original thread for more details.

Hello PBE'ers!

After the *amazing* work you guys did during the Hecarim patch, helping us find some very important bugs, we'd love to share with you the Varus patch to get some coverage on it. We will be deploying Varus to the PBE today and he will be available for testing later this evening!

Please note: During this time frame, the PBE will be temporarily unavailable. As soon as the deploy is complete, I will update this thread to let you all know that the fun can begin!

Again, thank you all very much for your work and dedication in ensuring that we uncover issues early and resolve them. We greatly appreciate your help
- RiotNyandalee, Assistant Producer, via the official PBE forums.

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