The Great Hunt

Posted on at 12:42 AM by Moobeat

It seems that there is a new "holiday" in Runeterra. Bandle City, home to those adorable yordles, is celebrating the Great Hunt, an annual event where yordles prove their worth by hunting the most dangerous of beasts. For us summoners, the Great Hunt, for the moment at least, only translates into a few champion and skin sales. The event runs from March 20th through April 2th according to the official minisite, so who knows what could be in store?

The official page above describes the following events and dates:
  • Lulu is now available for play!
  • Between March 20-23, Teemo and his Recon skin are on sale for 50% off
  • Between March 27-30, Veigar and his Greybeard skin are 50% off.
  • Between April 2-6, Ziggs will be free to play. 

You can already check out the Teemo sale, which includes sale prices for Tristana and Kennen, that started today.

In celebration, the normal Red, Blue, and Green elixirs have been cosmetically changed to mushrooms for the duration of the event.

Honestly, he event seems a little strange at the moment. The most recent and comparable Lunar Revel event came with a slew of delicious skins, while this event seems to only be made up of a few sales of older skins that frequent the normal weekly sales. The event does progress through April Fools day and I assume given Urfrider Corki last year and Urf The Manatee Warwick skin, we can expect Riot to drop another goofy skin on us.

Whether this is directly related to an upcoming part of the event or net, there was also a post on the official LoL facebook today that said "A strange villain has been threatening Bandle City, home of the yordles, but no one has yet gotten a good look at her, him, or it! Who or what hunts these half-pints, and who, if anyone, can put a stop to it?". Seems fishy!

At any rate, I'll be sure to keep you guys up today if any new information about this event is revealed.


  1. I am going with Rockteer Trist coming out on Monday, because it ask who will save them!

  2. "Urf The Manatree"
    "The Manatree"

    This typo has inspired me to ask riot for an Urf Maokai skin.

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  4. Lulu is really fun.

    The rest of this stuff about the Great Hunt sounds like bullshit. Doesn´t contribute to anything really