Ziggs' Patch Preview!

Posted on at 12:21 AM by Moobeat
Along with the Rise of the Bots improvements form earlier this week, here is Riot's sneak peak of what gameplay and balance chnages we can expect in the Ziggs' patch.

  • Offensive Tree Mastery "Deadliness" changed from 4% crit chance to scaling AD per level. This change is aimed at flattening out the "randomness" of winning a lane without investing in Crit.
  • Jax's Counterstrike duration is increased to 2 seconds ( from 1.5 seconds ) and can now be ended prematurely to trigger the stun on command. Additionally, Counterstrike also reduces the damage taken from AoE attacks.
  • Lee Sin is receiving a nerf to the attack speed from his passive and the "execute" of his Q is being reduced to 8% ( from 10% )

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