A little more about Ziggs...

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In light of the reveal of Ziggs' kit, here are a plethora of gracious responses from Meddler that give a little more insight on this dynamite Yordle. 
 Ziggs' basic attacks are ranged and he is indeed a mana user.
I was.
He's AP scaling.
His basic attack/passive do single target damage - we tested AoE versions but they both caused uncontrollable lane pushing early on, which felt terrible when last hitting, and forced us to pull power away from his active abilities which are the more important part of the kit.

All his other abilities deal AoE damage.
The size of AoE's pretty linked to the cooldown of the ability:

Q: Low CD, small to moderate AoE
W: Long CD, moderate AoE
E: Medium/Long CD, decent sized area covered by mines (enough to roughly block some jungle paths say)
R: Longish CD by ult standards, huge AoE.

The mines behave like traps, though are easily deployed and have a much shorter lifespan than other traps - they're particularly focused on area control/denial in or just before a potential fight.
 Moderately bursty, though with quite high variance depending on how many skills you manage to land/whether you choose to use his Satchel Charge or Minefield for other purposes. Decent poke too.
 Very skillshot and timing dependent so a decent skill cap as a result, he's got a few quirks ability wise too. Proper ult usage, particularly when mid, is also likely to be pretty key to getting the most out of him, there's a bit of split push potential as well, though that's pretty risky if you get it wrong compared to some split pushers.
Base damage + AP.

The cooldown reduction's such that you'll want to weave the occasional well timed auto attack into a fight when safe to do so, but won't feel forced to do so between every cast.
There's an initial arc that easily clears terrain/enemies. After that the bomb will explode on contact with terrain or enemies when it lands or bounce a couple of times if in a clear zone. The length of the bounces is determined by the distance of the initial arc and the bounces can pass over very low/small terrain or enemies in certain circumstances, particularly if you know what to look for. Each time it bounces the bomb slows down a bit. Because of this combination of effects the bombs have a distinct feeling to throw and can get away with having a pretty decent range/low cooldown compared to many skillshots.
Yup. For both balance (ordinary skill with a placed knockback) and thematic (actively trying to grenade jump) reasons the knockback on Ziggs is quite a bit further than the knockback on enemies
The knockback range on Ziggs himself is somewhat shorter than Trist's rocket jump, if you get the timing right though you're knocking yourself away from an enemy and them away from you though so the gap created can be pretty big. That's assuming you're not using Satchel Charge offensively to set up other spells of course.
[If I knock myself back, can I use abilities while airborne?]
You can indeed use other abilities while airborne.
[If you step on one of the ( E ) Hexplosive Minefield land mines do they all blow up?]
Each mine can detonate seperately.
The mines can be detonated by minions/monsters. 
Mines are visible to enemies - ensuring a decent amount of counterplay was a key goal.
 Somewhat more than lux ult.
High damage, very long range. Uses a warning effect like Panth's ult - allies know where it's going to land as soon as he launches it, enemies get a warning a little bit before impact.
- Meddler, Associate Game Designer, via the official forums.

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  1. [Range on his ult?]
    Somewhat more than lux ult.

    WHAAAT??? DEMACIA??!?!

  2. A lux range aoe nuke is going to be OP