Sneak Peek and Art Spotlight for Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert

Posted on at 10:09 PM by Moobeat

Better late than never! Check out today's Art spotlight and yesterday's Champion Sneak Peak for Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert below. I believe you all know my very, VERY pro-Yordle stance when it comes to new champions, so I'll leave this one at that.

"Many of you have noticed that it’s been a while since the last yordle joined the League of Legends. Since we’re aware that yordle enthusiasts can have something of a short fuse, we wanted to assure you that we have another of these pint-sized heroes coming your way. So just to clarify, there’s absolutely no reason to get batty, bonkers, manic, mental, out of hand or in any other way out of control.

As an example, we might start to get a little worried about you if we caught you scribbling down something like this:

Dubious schematics are a clear warning sign of madcap machinations, and we’ll have none of that here in the League of Legends! 

Naturally, mysterious, bomb-like blueprints like these are no laughing matter outside the hands of a trained professional. Trained, furry, little hands like those belonging to Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert. This turbulent technician with a propensity for pyrotechnics should satisfy all your yordle wants and needs!"

- NeeksNaman, Web Content Specialist, via the official forums.


  1. that videos awesome, I recently started playing LoL! I remembered your blog and how I told myself I wouldnt play during exams.. I forgot about playing till last month when my friends all started haha such an addictive game

  2. any kind of big bang I think will be fun! gotta love explosives

  3. looks cool

    Your Friend

  4. Nice! I have a League of legends blog as well - check it out here:

  5. I totally hope he will be a skillshot nuker. That would make my day, no, my month. xD