Rise of the BOTS

Posted on at 4:37 PM by Moobeat
With the next patch, Riot will be releasing an update to its popular Co-Op VS Ai feature! The update is slated to include 28 new "bot-able" champions, support for the Dominion game type, and a slew of improvements to enhance your Co-Op VS Ai experience!

As the video mentioned, one of the biggest improvements being pushed with this update is the sheer number of available bots to play against. According to the official mini site for the update, the new roster is as follows: Malphite, Graves, Shyvana, Lux, Shen, Cho'Gath, Miss Fortune, Garen, Renekton, Cassiopeia, Kayle, Ryze, Fiddlesticks, Xin Zhao, Galio, Annie, Nunu, Tristana, Malzahar, Brand, Soraka, Udyr, Leona, Zilean, Morgana, Jax, Warwick, Amumu, Kog'Maw, Wukong, Caitlyn, Swain, Trundle,Taric, Irelia, Ashe, Sona, Rammus, Sivir and Karthus.

Finally, check out these posts from Coronach detailing some of the little changes and future expectations of the mode!
We're in the process of tweaking IP rewards with the goal of making them better than before.
What's announced on this page is in the next patch. We're looking to add a few more bots and update the Custom Game roster for the patch after.
They actually did before, but we've updated them to use the latest masteries and better rune choices. Beginner bots don't use any, while intermediate bots use 15
 We've added disconnect adjustments for the bots in this patch. If a summoner disconnects, one of the bots will return to base and wait for them to come back
It's hard to say. We've tried to keep SR intermediate at the same difficulty it is on live. The bots seem to be harder on Dominion intermediate, but to some extent their difficulty is dependent on the bot themselves. Cassiopeia bot is really mean.
We already are using smaller roster pools on beginner than intermediate. Each map should have 13-15 different bots on beginner difficulty. All 40 are enabled on both maps for intermediate difficulty. We don't necessarily want to commit to making all the bots, but what we've determined is that certain bots are more challenging than others and it doesn't necessarily align with their relative strength when players use those characters.
- Coronach, Game Designer, via the official forums.


  1. As a person with more then 600 wins in Co-op games alone, I am very happy about these changes. I don't think I'll ever go back to normal games again!

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