Patch Preview for Sejuani Patch

Posted on at 12:54 AM by Moobeat
Riot's Patch Preview, a video detailing some of the reasoning behind the upcoming game plays changes, is out for the fast approaching Sejuani patch.

In recap:
  • Jax rework.
  • Ninja Tabi being changed to percentage damage reduction on basic attacks.
  • Sword of the Divine replaced with  Ionic Spark.
  • Riven is receiving a buff to her Q and a nerf to both her base HP Regen and the damage of her W.

In case you missed them yesterday, we have two more bullets of news from head quarters.

First off, Riot  posted an art spotlight for the Sejuani splash art. This confirms the pictures posted a few days ago and makes me really freaking pumped. While I don't necessarily approve of that goofy looking one horn helmet, I infinitely approve of riding boar-like beasts in combat.

Secondly, Riot has finally completed work on the first part of the much asked for colorblind mode! As of next patch, colorblind summoners will have the option of switching color pallets to different colors that may be easier for them to see. Be sure to take a look at the post to see some before and after type examples of the new accommodation.


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  2. Man, isn't it a bit late for the game to be getting a colorblind mode, that's usually a pretty big deal, good to see they've actually done it though. Might be good for non colorblind players too.