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Here we go! Some of this is from last night, so my apologies for the delays. School is starting back up and I've been spending a lot of time on campus. As an apology, I'd like to gift you this League of Legends Haiku I wrote while sitting idle in my creative writing class.

Anyway, on to the news!

1) Jax Champion Spotlight

So his post "remake" kit is now:
Passive: Bonus stacking attack speed.
Q: Same as before.
W: Same as before.
E: Just as we learned earlier, now blocks all auto attacks for duration then triggers a stun.
R:  Same passive damage every 3rd hit but MR bonus has been replaced by Bonus AD and AP.

His new passive certainly seems strong in the jungle, but I reserve my judgement for when I can actually get some hands on play time with new Jax. If you'd like to read a bit more discussion on the Grandmaster at Arms, Phreak makes several good points in a thread discussing the differences between Jax's current and future kit.

The spotlight announcement inadvertently gives us the name of the next champion as well.

Sejuani is lore character from the Freljord region and has been quite established in the lore already. Here is a small except taken from the Freljord LoL Wiki page : "However, the third of the Freljord Princesses – Sejuani, the Winter's Claw – remained fiercely adamant in her opposition of the other two. Sejuani retreated to isolation with the elders of her tribe. This caused concern among the members of the other tribes, who believed she may be readying for war." There are several other quips about her in the lore for Freljord! First Graves and now Sejuani; What other tucked away lore characters are we going to see arise as champions in the future?

Some curious minds have also managed to find Sejuani's art in the game files and it would seem that she is a mounted boar riding champion who wields a flail and shield. What we have below looks like her default skin and one of her launch skins. You can check out this thread on the general forums for more spoilers but keep in mind that at the moment this is information is all speculative or unconfirmed. There is even what is rumored to her kit on a Taiwanese site, but I'll hold off on posting it until we get some confirmation.

2) Nunu is getting an Attack Speed Buff.

In one of over 300 posts by FeralPony in his "Got a question? Ask a designer!" thread, he recently mentioned that Nunu was getting some love next patch by saying "Nunu is getting an attack speed buff next patch to bring him more in line with other junglers. This should help his jungle speed out a bit as well as his early game blue dependency in jungle due to his passive triggering more often. Due to the multiplicative nature of Bloodboil's attack speed bonus this increased base attack speed boost is multiplied by BB and is a further small boost to his power. This small change has a large number of subtle effects on Nunu which should help him out a bit."

3) Chinese Arts on NA/EU Clients?

As some of you may have noticed, a few of the Chinese champion splash arts have bleed into the NA and EU clients! Don't fret though, this seems to be a bug at the moment judging by the lack of new splash arts on the Character Info pages. Zileas did, however, say "We want to continuously improve the quality of our art by whatever means we can. Sometimes art originating from the China version of LoL fits our aesthetics in the west better than the current assets, and sometimes it doesn't. We try to pick whichever we think you guys will like best" in a thread about the subject . To me, this implies that we may see some of the arts cross over and become permanent additions to the client.

1-12 Edit: I added in those Sejunai skins and art that are floating around the forums. I hope to Teemo that she is indeed a mounted boar riding champion.


  1. I found this for her skins ... Wait and see... :)

  2. @Ni

    Thank you! I added that to the post above.

  3. Is it possible to use ALL Chinese splash arts instead of our current ones?

  4. @Victor

    Google around there are some swappers out there.

  5. Support Sejuani :O! according to that kit she is like Leona but with tons tons of slows and a stun.

    1. Damn another Leona
      Leona - 3 stuns/slows
      Sejuani - same

  6. @ Moonbeat: You're welcome :)Captain Ni on duty! è_é
    @ Viktor: I used this link (in french because I am :P) and most of my artworks are chinese now ! Some updates comes with the time for the missing one !

  7. She looks pretty badass! And another female tank! Woo!

  8. She needs some clothes.
    Fur lining on a bathing suit is not enough to keep a woman warm in that kind of climate.