Unreleased Skins for the Chinese New Year?

Posted on at 11:47 PM by Moobeat
I don't know where these guys get them from, but forum goer ghaunadar has gotten his hands on what appears to be the next batch of skins to hit the Fields of Justice. Check out his original submission thread here or peep the previews of the Chinese New Year themed skins below.  I just stuffed made up names on them, but rest assured I'll update them if someone stumbles on what they are actually called.

 Bruce (?) Lee Sin

 Cherry Blossom (?)  Sona

Emerald Dragon ( ? ) Wukong

Strider (?) Talon

P.S I can't express how fast I will be throwing my hard earned Riot Points at that amazing Talon skin.

Update 1: The original imgur album was updated with some in game shots with a watermark to bbs.178.com. a Chinese gaming website. As Warwick would say.. "DELICIOUS".


  1. That Lee Sin skin can't be real, can it?

  2. Sry for my bad English

    the skin name:
    Lee sin:龙之传人 “Legend of the Dragon”
    Wukong:定海神针 “Ideal Golden-bound Cudgel”
    Talon: 银龙裁决 “Judgement of Silver Dragon”
    Sona?I still don't know……

  3. That Sona skin is the sex, can't wait to pick it up.

  4. They all chinese(?) themed, so they can be like exclusive(maybe not, may be for time) on that server.

  5. If it's Chinese themed, then the sona skin wouldn't be called cherry blossom. China is better represented with plum blossoms, peach blossoms or peonies. Japan is the country that is thought of when cherry blossoms are used in art