Chinese New Year Skins coming sometime this week

Posted on at 12:10 AM by Moobeat
It would appear as if those fancy new skins we  first saw on Saturday would be hitting the digital shelves earlier than expected. Not only will we get them this week but there will be no downtime required to add them. Is this a new on-the-fly style patch or is Riot just sneaking more and more content into each patch? At any rate, RiotRara was also kind enough to share  an update on the timeline on the next champion ( as always fingers crossed for a yordle ).

Snowdown Showdown has come and gone, but festivities in Valoran don’t end here. It’s the start of a new year filled with surprises and it’s only going to get better! In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be releasing a new and exciting champion, but before that, let’s celebrate the new upcoming holiday!. 

This week, we’ll be releasing some new skins to get into the spirit for this event. We’re also pleased to announce that these new skins will become available in the store through a minor update that will not require downtime.

The following week, a new champion will make its way onto the Fields of Justice, in addition to new gameplay balance changes to further celebrate the New Year. There will be tons of action in Valoran these next couple weeks so keep up with your training, summoners. When the time is right, put on your best armor and start the New Year with your loudest battle cry.

Until then, continue your battles on the Fields of Justice!
- RiotRara, Service Community Coordinator, via the official forums.

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  1. Chinese item name changes online, at least on USA now.