Viktor Patch is "Not Tonight"

Posted on at 5:28 PM by Moobeat
While we don't have Viktor yet and according to Tamat we will be recieving "No patch tonight.", we did get a little bit more of information about Viktor's release from ricklessabandon. Check out his post below!
[about the patch preview and notes.. ]
there are no balance changes for this patch, so there won't be accompanying notes or preview video.
[ about the actual patch release ] 
again, i don't have the specifics but viktor is scheduled to be released this week (not today though).

while it is true that the maintenance has been completed, we want to make sure that we have adequate staff on standby before new content is released. having that is really important, and is the primary reason that viktor isn't available as i type this. i know that lots of people are excited about his release, so i really appreciate everyone's patience with the holiday release schedule.
- ricklessabandon, QA Analyst, via the official forums.

Edit: Here is an sort of "official" announcement for Viktor's release that just says "soon".

Edit 2 ( 12/28): Looks like Viktor will be out either Wednesday night or Thursday morning!


  1. On Tamat thread, he offered to dancw for us at 5k upvotes. Hes at 7k right now so please post the video :)

    I am not happy about the delay, not to mention there will still be no skins or balance changes.

    Also, DAMN YOU RIOT for leaving me 79 RP short of viktor. They totally planed tge RP system so you are always short.

  2. Urge to play LoL rising...I haven't been home for over a week! Killing me!

  3. Actually there will be new skins if u haven't seen already i believe their on the site right here. Its frustrating to me bc dancing is more important to Tamat than updating us on viktor