Viktor now available!

Posted on at 4:11 AM by Moobeat
I'm just jolly to announce that Viktor is now available for play! He'll run you a calculated 975 RP or 6300 IP, but hey, that's not to bad after all the free and bonus RP we've gotten lately now is it?
Check out his champion spotlight below for some laser beam filled action!

In the event you might be having a hard time deciding just which Viktor skin you are wanting to pick up, youtuber T0mT4yl0r has got you covered with some juicy videos showcasing just how this skins pop. Personally, I'm thinking Full Machine Viktor as a late holiday present to myself.

Along with Viktor and his skins, two new skins have become available for purchase.

The ice cold duo of Arctic Warfare Caitlyn and Arctic Ops Kennen are now available for 975 Riot Points each. While this isn't a new skin for Caitlyn, this is will be the first time summoners will be able to unlock her since she debuted as a promotional skin for PC Gamer a few months back.

Make sure you don't forget about the other skins that were covertly made visible a few days ago! While we already have Arctic Ops Kennen, Superb Villain Veigar, Sandstorm Katarina, and Rocketeer Tristana will surely be hitting the store sometime in the near future. Check out some screen shots and videos of them below!

P.S Tamat kept true to his word and posted celebratory dance video, by the Riot staff, in honor of Viktor's release. Oh, they got the moves alright.


  1. Woah. Hahah, I like the dance party

  2. Well oh boy.

    He seems almost way too fucking good.

  3. It's interesting how they changed the name for Kennen from Snowstrike Kenne to Arctic Ops Kennen. Meanwhile, they use both names in the shop :P

  4. I hope riot didnt patch anything because they didnt have time. Otherwise, they are saying the game is balanced.

    Eve and mundo? Sweeping them under the rug?

  5. Great post and you made choosing my Viktor skin so much easier.

  6. @Aegis The reason that they didn't patch anything is because many Riot employees are currently on vacation. They didn't want to do too many tweaks while the majority of people were on vacation.

    The Viktor in-game files were already tested and implemented the week before so someone just had to "flip the switch" to bring it live.