Riot Quick Hits for 12-20

Posted on at 10:49 PM by Moobeat
Here we have a some short and sweet news posts that are sure to fill your daily hankering for latest LoL news. Included below is a clarification on the Legacy skin system and what it means for the 2011 Snowdown skins, a "final" update on Project Shiny, an AMAA about the tribunal from some dashing Rioters, and an "ok" classic champion spotlight.

1) Legacy Skin System and the 2011 Holiday Skins
In light of some recent forum activity surrounding the Snowdown 2011 skins not being completely limited edition, Riot has posted a thread clearing the air on the new "Legacy" classification of skins. Essentially all current and future Holiday skins will fall into the Legacy categorization while all of the ones preceding the 2011 Snowdown Skins will remain limited edition. As the thread sticky states, A limited edition tag means that the skin will never again be available for purchase while the Legacy tag means even though the skin is not readily available in the store there is a possibility of re release under special circumstances.

In practice, I assume this system will just function as a "second chance" for newer players to unlock special skins in the future. While it certainly does take away from the appeal of "I'll never be able to get these again!" purchases, it would be refreshing, as a new player, to have a second crack at some awesome skins. Since Riot seems tight lipped about them, I wonder under what circumstances we will see the skins resurface; perhaps we'll get a small window next year to repurchase this years Snowdown skins?

Limited Edition = Once it's gone, it's gone!
Legacy = Once removed from store the skin will be normally unavailable baring very special circumstances.

2) Project Shiny dispersed.
You can read Tamat's entire post here, but he essentially says that the giant graphical overhaul once known as "Project Shiny" is no more and that Riot has chosen to release the new models and updated graphics as they become available instead of hording them for one giant release. I can't imagine anyone having a real problem with this. Just take a gander above at the massive difference between Gangplank's old model and  his new model that was recently added to the game. We've also gotten new animations and models for a host of classic champions recently, so I just hope Riot keeps up the awesome work. Can someone put in a good word for a Master Yi or Soraka make over?

3) Riot's Ask Me Anything About the Tribunal
Rioters Pendragon and Zileas took to reddit earlier today to potentially answer any questions summoners might have about the Tribunal. The thread has generated a lot of good discussion on the matter with topics ranging from the difficulties of including post and pre game chat to tribunal cases and potential venues for additional rewards when judging cases. Be sure to head over to /r/leagueoflegends and submit your own questions!

4) Rammus Champion spotlight.

Riot has just tossed up another classic champion spotlight for for none other than Rammus, the Armordillo! Rammus happens to be a fan favorite around the ole Moobeat household and remains one of my favorite tanks to date. I'd highly recommend anyone looking for a new jungler or a fun dominion champion to give him a proper spin. Got it? "ok".