Xypherous talks about upcoming mechanics

Posted on at 2:26 PM by ArchNacho

Xypherous, one of the associate technical designers for League of Legends, recently made a forum post about some mechanics he likes that you may or may not see in the game. He writes;

- "Gradius Option - Pet that follows you and mirrors your attacks and skillshots, can be deployed.
- Tri Element Mage / Weaponmaster - Basic abilities on a tri-stance system.
- Swarm Carrier / Ally Bonding into Turret - Control minions, hop into/absorb damage for allies and control minions while shooting spells from them.
- Support Trap that you can place down that allies can use to jump forward
- Circular Missiles - Wild Axen - Circular shots, Orbitting Skillshots.
- Spirit Bond + Guardian - Take portion of allies damage - Enrage when ally takes damage.

etc. etc. etc.
Just as soon as I find the time/concepts/characters where actually *doing* them feels right."

I do like that the community is getting some previews on the mechanics side and I'd love more posts like this. A great many recent champions have felt like 'safe releases' focusing less on giving the players 'fun buttons' and more on being balanced by having slightly altered version of pre-existing move sets. Xypherous' post has some good direction for future champions as breaking away from some of their established abilities will bring a bit more imbalance to the game, but for my tastes, I'd rather have a fun button than a safe button.

 You can check out additional feedback and ideas by looking at the CLG Redtracker entry for this post. We are at about 15 posts and counting of Xypherous insight.


  1. This sounds like bullshit - really.
    Okay, we got League right now, lets call it World of Warcraft Vanilla or TBC. Now if these mechanics comes into League, it's like the Lich King and Cataclysm upgrade to WoW.
    What im trying to say is, that they are gonna destory the game..

  2. I can't imagine being able to launch team mates working out any way other than me being trolled 90% of the time by my own team

  3. @ Pirate

    I'm not sure why you see new champions and new mechanics as so toxic, would you like the game to just be frozen as is without any additional development?

  4. You're right Moobeat. But the only way they'll ever implement them if they work well. In theory.. circular skillshots or curving skillshots just sound terrible. I think any league player would agree that it doesnt seem to fit the style of play. with over a year and so experience it doesnt take an expert to figure out what works and what wont.

    never the less - if they work well - then lets do it.

    about pets and mirror skill shots. that just sounds a bit confusing now. If Q is my normal SH. ( skill shot ) than what would my pet be with out binds ? contrl + Q / ALT + Q ? i dont even like the idea of it now, but these mechanics would lead to bigger and better.

    TL;DR if its implemented well - lets do it

  5. lol gradius option with leblanc too op.

  6. Sounds promising. Alas I fear that most players will be too affraid to play with these mechanics.

    When I look at EUW, no player dares to play with champs that enforce innovative gameplay(Orianna, Yorick, Rumble, Xerath). But nevertheless that gives an oppertunity to shine extra bright if you do play them.

    I was first in line to make a fuss about the Soraka rework, and now I play her as my standard AP champ, overing a lot of sustain and damage.
    Funny thing is that I'm one of the 2 Soraka players in EUW that I've seen and I play nearly everyday.

    Bottomline is, that players stick to what is known and shy away from anything new that requires new skill to play. I hope that when the new mechanics come, players will invest time to try and train their new skills because it will make the game that much more flexible and exciting.

  7. improved pet system seems cool, but there is concern that the chars are benefiting from it become nerfed

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