Shyvana Patch Preview

Posted on at 11:17 AM by Moobeat
 The patch preview, Riot's first look nto the bigger of the changes coming in the next patch, for the Shyvana patch as been posted!

 In recap..

  • Graves is getting his passive lowered by 10 points for each resistance and is receiving a slight nerf to his Buckshot ( Q ) ability.
  • Wukong is getting a slew of offensive buffs and many bugfixes and improvements to his Decoy ability.
  • Olaf's ultimate now breaks CC effects on use ( much like Alistar's ultimate ) but will have a lower duration at higher ranks.
  • Shaco is getting a nerf to Jack in the Box damage but a buff to its range and activation time.
  • Dominion is going to have "less rubberbanding" by lowering the spawn time bonus you get when your team has less point than opponents.

As with any other patch preview, the  League of Legends forums were immediately flooded with questions and concerns about the discussed materials.

 In terms of the Olaf 's changes: 
  • Phreak also commented that "His axe projectile speed is going up, if only slightly". 

Regarding Wukong's slated buffs:

  • Xypherous gave us a quick run down of the changes and fixes to Decoy.
List of Changes:

1. The clone's mana bar doesn't change - you used to be able to tell if Wukong had used clone if he stood still and his mana bar went down.

2. The clone spawns in the previous location now and Wukong is moved forward instead - This helps the clone positioning to be more precisely his previous location.

3. Some bugs like the clone sometimes running in place and such were corrected.

  • Meddler stated that "From memory Q being able to lifesteal is one of the changes expected in the next patch."


  1. You forgot that Shacos clone will be able to slow enemies now. (after 4:25)

  2. so no nine tails nooo but we get Dragon lady

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