Clearing Up The Shaco Changes

Posted on at 7:42 PM by Moobeat

Phreak posted on the forums earlier today to shed a little light on the upcoming Shaco changes. It turns out that Riot has decided to switch things up, for the Demon Jester, from what saw during the patch preview. One of these new changes happens to be the one we saw Guinsoo talking about on twitter earlier in the week.

The arm time reduction on Jack in the Box is no longer in the coming patch. It will still take 2 seconds to arm. We felt that 1.5 seconds was not enough time to adequately respond to a "this will fear you if you stand near it" especially with ping. It also let him do crazy things like get a free JitB proc from a major CC like Sion or Taric. He's still able to, just not as easily.

However, he will no longer lose the crit from Deceive after throwing a spell, meaning you can Deceive over a wall, throw a JitB to block escape, and then attack and still crit your opponent. Throwing the JitB will still reveal you.

Shaco will still deal reduced damage on later ranks of JitB and have a slighly lower AP ratio, increased cast range, and unlisted in the Patch Preview, will now proc Two-Shiv Poison's slow via the Hallucinate clone, as it didn't before.
- Phreak, Web Content Specialist, via the official forums.


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