Don't forget your Harrowing Quintessences!

Posted on at 7:28 AM by Moobeat
Just a quick post to remind everyone that in addition to the awesome Halloween themed skins, the Harrowing event also gives us a chance to snag some limited availability Harrowing Quintessences!

You can save TONS OF IP by picking up these ghastly runes, but only if you are willing to endure the most minor of stat hits. Additionally, these runes happen to be some of the most useful quints available. Aside from my straight AD quints, I don't actually own any other types of quintessences.

You can snag by selecting Tier 2 from the Tier of runes filter and ease your search further by selecting the limited availability box! Just like the Harrowing skins, these runes will no longer be available for purchase after October 31st so make sure to unload your IP reserves before years All Hallow's Eve!

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