About that Veigar Rework..

Posted on at 9:57 AM by Moobeat
As you may recall, Veigar ( as well as Nasus ) has been "being looked at" for a while now. Phreak popped into a recent forum thread to check us in on the status of the rework.

I believe the goal is to make him less binary: Right now all he does is immediately kill one target and then wait for a very long time for cooldowns, or fails to kill one target and still wait a very long time for cooldowns.

That said, he's actually pretty close to balanced so he's not an immediate priority. He is still planned.
- Phreak, Community Coordinator, via the official forums.

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  1. Nasus needs his Q reworked. At the very least it should not work on towers. And/or I think maybe a bell curve on it, where it gets 3 dmg for the first 50 kills, 2 dmg for the next 75, 1 damage anything after. The only way to beat nasus is heavy heavy CC or end the game early. 1 Q shouldn't take an ashe down to 1/6th HP at the 30 minute mark. Even cait's ult can't do that!

    As far as Viegar -- all his utility is in his stun. It's incredibly powerful. But given the long cooldown on his combo, he is only useful when his ult is up. I wouldn't say he is OP or UP, just extremely situational and could use some power shifts (even lower ult cooldown and nerfing some of the base damage on it I would support - and I like to play him). He's just too "stun-and-run" right now.