League of Legends Season Two to Feature a $5 million Prize Pool

Posted on at 7:11 PM by Moobeat
Looks like the steaks have been razed for Seaon two!


With League of Legends fans setting viewership records in the Western world for the League of Legends Season One Championship, we're as excited as you are to kick Season Two off in style. As you've helped us become one of the most popular online titles to date, we thought it was only appropriate that League of Legends Season Two should boast the largest prize pool in eSports.

The League of Legends Season Two prize pool will feature a record setting $5 million prize pool!

The thriving eSports community surrounding League of Legends continues to grow at an incredible pace, and it’s the enthusiasm of competitors from across the globe that has engendered this special opportunity. And with League of Legends featured as an official title in such landmark eSports organizations as Major League Gaming, Electronic Sports League, and the World Cyber Games, this substantially increased prize pool is just the first glimpse into what we have planned for the upcoming season. 

The money will be funding prizing for local, national and international tournaments to foster and grow the League of Legends eSports scene. For starters, the new season will feature weekly livestreams of our ongoing regional tournaments in North America, and across both European environments, so stay tuned for more information on these broadcasts and to see a lot more of League of Legends enthusiasts like Phreak, ZenonTheStoic and Nikasaur.

League of Legends Season Two is coming this fall, summoners! And with $5 million on the line this time around, the League of Legends eSports scene just got even more exciting!
- Ryze, CEO/ Co-Founder, via the official forums.

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