Patch Preview for Patch

Posted on at 11:50 PM by Moobeat

  • Tryndamere Rework: Tryndamere will be using the "rage" system that Renehkton uses. Every hit grants rage, kills and crits grant more rage than normal attacks.
  • Global Nerf: TF and Pantheon are having their ult range reduced. The range is still quite large. Pantheon will be receiving buffs in the patch after this one.
  • Corki Nerf: No specifics besides nerfing his burst.
  • Galio buffs: Increased base stats. Idol of Durand(Ult) gives him 20% more damage reduction. -.1 AP ratio on Q

You can also note the two new skins! We seems to have one for Tryndamere and one for Patheon.