The Tribunal is taking a Va-kay

Posted on at 2:40 AM by Moobeat

So as it turns out, the Tribunal is running a bit low on cases and is going to be taking a very short vacation to fill back up. Does this mean we all need to go out and power feed to get some more cases going?
Since its launch, the Tribunal has been keeping itself quite busy reviewing the cases of suspected feeders, griefers, and otherwise uncouth individuals all across the North American platform. There have been a great many judgments passed, and a great many cases have been resolved. You’ve closed so many cases, in fact, that the Tribunal is going to have to take a brief recess this coming weekend to allow the caseload to build back up!

All participating summoners should receive their just IP rewards over the course of this weekend’s recess period! Riot Games salutes you, summoners of the Tribunal! Thank you for your civil service, and thank you for playing League of Legends!

- 0pherion, Sr. Web Developer, via the official forums.