Orianna Champion Spotlight

Posted on at 12:04 AM by Moobeat

The long awaited spotlight for Orianna, the Lady of Clockwork, has been released mere hours prior to the servers coming down to patch her in.

Check out the spotlight for yourself below! They are continuing to improve and implement new features into their champion spotlights. This one has a pretty gnarly section showcasing her three skins ( Classic, Gothic, and Sewn Chaos ).

Orianna certainly looks like she is going to be a fun champion to master. Her AoE ultimate function likes a giant Singed fling and looks fun as heck! I am really looking forward to getting movement and ability combos down pat.The Ball is certainly an interesting mechanic for a support, so many options and reactions.

As far as her appearance and presentation, I feel like her skins are sort of So-so, the same feelings I had for the Vayne skins. But then again, maybe I just need to check them out better in game. None of that matters though, because her voice is completely awesome. Who doesn't like a little pit of Portal in their League of Legends?

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  1. I really like the character and the idea of it!

    The thing is that she is still a support which requires careful play. Even though she can punch out some damage :O

    I'll pick her up regardless ^^

  2. This looks like a game I used to play called DotA so much?! :O ^.^

  3. man everyone seems to like this game and it looks nice
    too bad I cant afford anything :X

  4. Wow, she looks really awesome!!!