New Skins / Splash art in Orianna Release Patch

Posted on at 4:48 AM by Moobeat
So, the Orianna patch as brought us a few treats!
Art of Blood Moon Akali and Shen taken from the newest JoJ

First off we have two new skins, Blood Moon Akali and Blood Moon Shen. The most clever of summoners would have been able to guess this if they read through the new Journal of Justice that was posted yesterday.

We also have new splash arts for Twisted Fate and Kassadin. They are both pretty macho looking in these, although I think Kassadin would win in a fist fight, he is a bit more ripped.


  1. I love the new ninja skins!

    Also the splash art of TF looks amazing!

    The route Riot's on to improve the old features like splash art is awesome.

    I think the next ones to receive a new splash are:

    Those are the ones I think will gradually get a new splash art

  2. That dark sword guy looks pretty bad a$$!

  3. Also just pointing out that Taric's classic splash skin and Vayne's Vindicator skin has had minor improvements.

  4. Well, I just started reading a few things about it on other post, but I can say I think I found something new to spend my time with haha.
    Nice post.

  5. kassadin splash art looks good

  6. looks like a cool game. I sure am learning a lot of new games since I started blogging and reading!

  7. Thanks for posting those so quickly. I was wondering what the new TF art looked like that I had heard about.

  8. Kassadin looks beast as hell!

  9. sweet looking characters right there!

  10. Kassadin looks like he is gunna Eff sum Sh!t up!

  11. wow very original artwork. i really want to play this game after work

  12. Akali's looking pretty great in this one!