More Information Pertaining to the Kayle Remake

Posted on at 1:43 AM by Moobeat
We have more information about the Kayle remake!

Whether or not you are dedicated to following the extraneous amount of information following out from Shurelia about the remake, you have to give her props for engaging the community so thoroughly with this remake.

Kayle Update: Hi guys! Regretfully I have somewhat bad news: The Kayle remake has been delayed another patch, we really want to make sure its in tip-top shape before we release it. I feel we owe it to you guys to let you know as soon as we find out something like this happens.

However, I can update some information about the Kayle remake. The new passive is currently a percent armor/mr shred on hit (stacking) that really helps her out against tanks, especially since her itemization route really makes it hard for her to build penetration.

Weaknesses: Kayle's main weakness will be her downtime on her E. Enemies will be able to exploit this weakness early game, while her late game weakness is her squishiness if she is caught out of position. Her other weakness is that at equivalent stat values, she has less singe-target DPS than straight ranged carries (about 10% less than Miss Fortune).

Strengths: Kayle will have exceptional carry power that puts out hybrid-type damage (which is difficult to defend against), in addition to being able to itemize hybrid-items due to her dual-scalings. Hybrid items have a stronger stat:gold value than their pure counterparts. In addition, her reliance on farm has been reduced. Her other strengths include: High amounts of damage synergy-

* Reckoning: Grants percentage bonus damage.
* Righteous Fury: Grants splash and bonus flat magic damage
* Passive: Percentage Shred

as well as the fact that she has very strong supportive abilities/effects while being able to fulfill a ranged carry role.

I've seen Classick crush pretty hard using proc-hit items. = )

I'll continue to visit the 'KayleHotfix' channel in the League of Legends client, and I'll try to address your concerns and questions. 

Again I apologize for the wait, we'll make it worth it!


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- Shurelia, Associate Game Designer, via the official forums.


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