Exploring Your World Mini Contest

Posted on at 1:20 AM by Moobeat
Riot has announced another official mini contest! This one is simple; print out the picture of Explorer Ezreal and grab a snap shot of him in a unique location. Prizes include numerous 4 Win IP Boosts and a handful of Explorer Ezreal skins!

Check out the official post for more information.
When he’s not being summoned to the Fields of Justice, grandmaster Explorer Ezreal is on the lookout for the newest dangerous destination. Where do you think he’ll be next? 

In the spirit of exploration, we’d like you to show us where Ezreal has been lately by taking pictures of him around your house, where you play League of Legends, or other unexpected places! Just print and cut out the template below (or draw your own Ezreal if you don’t have a printer!) and show us where you found him. Get creative! For the next three days we’ll be awarding some 4-win IP boosts and 3 Explorer Ezreal skins per day to the submissions we feel best personify Ezreal’s insatiable urge for danger and discovery. 

  • Nothing rude, lewd, or inappropriate please! Let’s be reasonable.
  • Though you can draw your own Ezreal, you have to take a picture of him out in the “real world.” No photo editing and no drawing scenery!
  • Don’t steal anyone else’s pictures. This is YOUR picture.
  • Be mindful of what you take pictures of! Personal information can sneak its way into pictures very easily.

Submit your pictures as a reply to this thread for your chance to win!
- Riot Romulus, Community Assistant, via the official forums.


  1. Haha nice idea for a contest :P should get some interesting ideas posted in

  2. Great idea for a contest, maybe I will participate on it.