[Fan Spotlight] jouste the drawbarian

Posted on at 7:13 AM by Moobeat
I haven't done one of these in a while, but I'm so in love with these drawings I feel I must share them with others.

Let me present to you the work of JOUSTE the DRAWBARIAN! Jouste is a wicked Canadian illustrator who maintans a slew of awesome projects related to League of Legends.

The first is his blog JOUSTE'S DAILY HIGHFIVE. This is self-described as a "daily highfive of art from jouste". He updates this thing every day with awesome drawings of League of Legends characters. Here are a few of his most recent drawings!

His second foray into the LoL fan art world is his comic series TALES FROM THE TAR PIT. This comic series follows "Caveman Udyr" and all the zany adventures he and fellow League of Legends champions get in to. There are around seven issues of this old boy, so make sure you check them all out!

Want to see more of the drawbarian's carnage? Check out his websites below or tweet him at @jouste. You can also check out his thread over on the League of Legends forums to catch a ton of his older art.