Xin Zhao buffs Round 2! FIGHT!

Posted on at 11:54 PM by Moobeat

As a follow up to the discussion generated by the last Xin Zhao thread, Morello has posted another iteration of the planned buffs to Xin Zhao. The buffs, expected to go live next patch, include a few stat tweaks, Battle Cry giving attack speed regardless of the abilities activation, and increased armor and magic resist generated by his ultimate based on the amount of champions hit.
Hello again!

We talked a lot about the Xin nerfs last week, and possible buffs to him to compensate. Here's the current plan;
  • Three Talon Strike
    • Fixed a bug where Three Talon Strike could be activated while it was still active.
  • General
    • Base attack damage increased to 59.1 from 52.3
    • Attack damage per level decreased to 3.1 from 3.3
  • Battle Cry
    • Passive Attack Speed is no longer removed while the ability is on cooldown
    • Attack Speed increased to 20/25/30/35/40% from 15/20/25/30/35%
  • Crescent Sweep
    • Armor and Magic resist reduced to 25 at all levels.
    • Now scales and gives 7/10/13 Armor and Magic Resist for each champion hit

We believe this will be a good set of changes to fix the original problems and make him generally better in most elo ranges. The change to Battle Cry will add a ton of consistency.

We expect this to go out this patch.

 - Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.


  1. I thought this hero was OP when I played. Never played as him though :)

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  4. I like that I'm learning from this blog

  5. One part of games I hated were the constant buffs and debuffs and not buffing what needed it.

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