Fiddlestricks is getting .. Fiddled with!

Posted on at 2:53 PM by Moobeat

Morello has just created a post on the forums detailing the changes they plan to introduce to Fiddlesticks. The changes include heavily buffing his Q, tweaking the heal on his Drain to start lower but scale up, and trading early game Crowstorm damage for late game Crowstorm damage by increasing its AP ratios.

As a player, I am very supportive of these types of threads. It has been Riot's new trend to make a thread about a planned overhaul or remake and share it with the community prior to patch day. These threads spur great discussions between Summoners and Riot that often influence final changes the character receives.
"Hey all,

Since these previews have (generally) spurred good discussion, I wanted to talk about a Fiddlesticks mini-rework we have in the pipe.

Dark Wind: Bounces changed to 5 at all ranks. Silence duration 1.5 at all ranks. Leveling the skill increases base damage. Large increase to AP ratio.

Drain: Now heals for a % of damage as health. Begins at 50% and scales up with AP ratio (and can go over 100% with enough AP). Range slightly reduced. (Might increase CD if we have to).

Crowstorm: Base damage lowered, AP ratio increased.

Base Stats: Pretty sizable increase. His base armor was abysmal to make up for drain - with these fixes, he can have more normal base stats.

* Why change Fiddlesticks?

The changes were really easy to do, and Fiddlesticks is not in a good spot right now (he's bad in serious games, but still can pubstomp well). These changes are to fix how feast-or-famine Fiddlesticks is right now (he either snowballs heavily or is worthless) while giving him more late-game damage scaling.

* What about junglesticks?

We're running some heavy jungle testing today to see if this is still possible. We expect speedier jungling with the Dark Wind changes, it's really level 1 golem we're going to look at. We'd like him to be a good jungler.

* Why not let drain stay 1:1 on the health gain?

Fiddles sustain from this is exceptionally high early, but letting this scale throughout the game lets us both make him less crazy sustain early (which is an important counter-balance to lane presence with the Dark Wind changes) and lets him actually drain much more effectively late game, where stuns are flying around a lot more and the move is riskier.
- Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.


  1. This could be a good thing.. course, I haven't seen fiddle in game for a long time. Maybe this will revitalize him.

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