More Server Issues

Posted on at 1:41 PM by Moobeat

More server issues are plaguing us on this fine Sunday. Another official thread has been created to track the server issues. Currently, I am sitting in this over 9000 que along with the rest of you. If I was into conspiracies, I'd say all of these is just sweet, sweet revenge for leaking Easter Teemo.
"  Hello Summoners, it appears that we may have server issues right now. Preliminary investigation has just started.
7:46: First forum reports of instability.
7:47: Investigation began.
7:53: The Button has been pushed - this means that losses and leaves will be forgiven from this point on. The Button is not retroactive.
8:30: It appears to be a network issue among one of our server clusters.
9:03: The launcher has been set to unavailable while we continue to troubleshoot.
10:04: We are performing a restart on internal servers.
11:14: We have identified the issues within our systems. We are taking steps to fix it, and the game should be up within 4 hours.
11:29: [Deprecated] Servers up! We had a few strategies to try and the first was successful. Sorry for the overestimate on the downtime. Welcome back!
11:49: We are receiving reports of login issues, we are investigating.
11:58: We are taking the platform back down.
12:04: The launcher has been set to unavailable while we troubleshoot. The button is on.
12:18: We have isolated the secondary issue.
12:21: We have solved the secondary issue. We are opening up the platform again.
12:35: The Button is now off.

Current symptoms:
While most users are able to login, a small segment of users are experiencing login issues. Please restart your launcher and try again - you may also need to need to reset your password via the My Account feature."

- Jozrael, Customer Support Extraordinaire, via the official forums.


  1. Must play! Dont know what to do!

  2. Hey dude, i can't start the game anymore :S It goes to the screen but keeps on loading :s

  3. i have a friend who plays this game. reminds me of warcraft

  4. Yeah, it does remind me a lot of WoW

  5. ahhhh this needs to be fixed asap

  6. I hope this gets fixed soon even though I dont play League of Legends, but I should.

  7. Perhaps server upgrades are in the works for the future! Hey you never know.

  8. People keep reminding me I need to play LoL.... maybe I finally should?

  9. Hmmm... I play way too much WOW for anything else.

  10. good thing i was out during the issues

  11. I logged in and was greeted with a window saying "Position in queue:7310
    Time Left: Over 9000"

    Needless to say I sighed quite hard and disappointedly. It wasn't even a cleverly placed joke.

  12. Looks a good bit like WoW. I've never played it before but it seems like it's a popular game.

  13. Yeaaahhh ive been thru that a million times it blows. Makes you wonder whats really going on...

  14. Server issues are the main reasons MMORPGs are worse than real life.

  15. I had the same problem. Now I just walk around the house, aimlessy (":

  16. i remembered this happening to me and i raged!

  17. Sheesh. Time to get some sun.