Minion hotfix

Posted on at 4:09 PM by Moobeat
 Red post about an upcoming hot fix to the minions that have been ridiculous pushers since last weeks patch.

Hey all!

We've tested a few iterations of the minion hotfix patch to make sure we solved the issues. Here are the changes;

* Additional cannon minions begin spawning at 35 minutes instead of 20 minutes.

* Cannon minion turret resistance reverted to its original value of 50% instead of 65%.

* Minion damage versus turrets reduced to 50%, from 60%.

These changes will be shipping once we get the deploying process completed. They have tested well internally and are much less extreme than what we see on live currently. We'll continue to monitor the issue and react if needed.

Death timers will get an adjustment mid- and late-game in this upcoming Tuesday's patch.

- Morello, Lead Champion Designer via the official forums.


  1. I like this blog so I'm gonna give it a thumbs up in stumbleupon.

  2. even though i dont play this i enjoy the data given

  3. looks like it could bring a lil more balance to tthe game

  4. really nice thanks for the info

  5. "* Minion damage versus turrets reduced to 50%, from 60%. "

    good good

  6. Cheers for the info on the update!

  7. Will I get sucked in if I start playing this game? haha