Recap/Thoughts on Patch Preview

Posted on at 9:33 PM by Moobeat
 Riot games just posted a new patch preview youtube video for patch For those who don't know, these videos are geared towards discussing a few of the bigger changes within each new patch and are released a few days prior to the actual patch notes and patch.

Highlights and mentioned changes:

1) Game pacing. Morello discusses how the natural pacing of the game is a running longer than they intended. In current build after 20 minutes every 3rd wave had a stronger cannon minion in addition to the normal minions. After patch it is going to be every 2nd wave has an extra cannon minion. Another comment about this is in relation to death timers. Morello also comments that it feels early game the death times are too prohibitive and take away too much; killing an opponent and the gold bounty seems enough of a reward as opposed to them having to spend so long out of lane because of the death timer.

2) Tower Damage. Towers are now going to have around 20% armor pen. This change comes in light of champions being able to just sit under towers and take countless hits just because they are packing a few armor items. Morello comments the towers have had a bit of the damage reduced to even it out, but over all the damage will remain the same to unarmored targets.

3) Urgot "nerfs". Urgot got a bug fix that was enabling to have around 350 extra range on his missle lock on. Although this doesn't plague normal games very much it is very prominent in ranked play.

Over all, I feel all of these are appreciated changes, especially the tower damage buff. It is so annoying to see a jungle Rammus tower diving you at level 6 without repercussions. Most beefy champions like Morde, Mundo, Irelia, whoever seem to get so unruly late game and tower dive on a whim. I'm interested to see how this effects the late game defending on a tower situations.

Video reposted below


  1. I played once with my cousin, who is adicted and coulnd't get much into it. This inspired me to try. Sounds like a good patch.

  2. Good to see that they are working on fixing some issues in the game! Thanks for sharing!

  3. i like how they dont abandon the game