More information about Game Pacing

Posted on at 3:09 AM by Moobeat
Post from Zileas up on the official forums giving a little more information about the updates to game pacing of Summoners Rift.

"We are making some changes in the next patch to reduce the time it takes for summoner's rift games to complete. Our goal was to make game times go down in general, but also make sure that games that aren't close are ending more quickly. Some of the tweaks were also to normalize the effectiveness of towers a bit against very high armor characters. Being dived by someone that basically ignores towers is lame. Being 3 shot by a tower from half health can also be frustrating.

So we are making a few changes. Here they are (generally) along with the justifications.

- Cannon and melee minions gain more magic resist with time than before. This makes it harder to clear them quickly with spell AE later in the game when a push is occuring.

- Cannon and ranged minions have more armor increase with time than before. This has a similar justification, but against physical clearing. Turret armor penetration offsets some of this.

- Cannon minions spawn more frequently after 20 minutes. They are a key pushing tool, so we wanted them around more often.

- Cannon minion and super minions have a higher degree of turret resistance, to aid in turret pushing over time.

- Minions hurt turrets more than before -- I believe it is between +30 and +60%.

- Turrets deal a bit less base damage to champions, but penetrate armor better. This means that their effectiveness vs characters is less dependent upon armor in either direction.


Q: Won't this just make the game an early push fest?
A: Early game pushing will be a bit easier, but much of these changes are isolated to later in the game, and tower diving is now more difficult early game. Both of these inhibit early game pushing somewhat.

Q: Won't this hurt my IP gains?
A: Actually, it increases them in terms of average IP per hour. The shorter games are, the higher your rate of IP generated per minute, since completion of a game gives a fixed bonus of IP (+18 for wins, +16 for losses). Therefore, next patch will run a higher average IP-per-minute than this patch.

Q: How does this make 'not close' games completely more quickly?
A: Because it is easier to push, small advantages where you prevail somewhat in a team fight will more consistently result in tower destruction."


  1. I'm always happy to see actual good changes in games.. too many time you see shitty updates.

  2. All of it sounds pretty decent. Hope the game stays balanced.

  3. I think these changes will probably benefit the play. Thanks for the info; I'm definitely looking forward to reading more!

  4. Meh...some good, some bad changes. Hopefully they balance out.