Red Post Collection: "Hold on to your buffs", Testing Changes to Ranked Inactivity Notifications, and more

Posted on at 12:27 PM by Moobeat
This afternoon's red post collection includes a short "Hold on to your buffs" teaser from the LoL EU twitter, Mirross with a heads up on testing changes to ranked inactivity notifications, Lyte commenting on draft Team Builder, and more!
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Red Post Collection: Ekko Q&A

Posted on at 2:11 PM by Moobeat
Several of the Rioters involved with out upcoming champion gathered on the boards to host a Q&A on Ekko, the Boy Who Shattered Time!
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5/21 PBE Update: Sandstorm Ekko splash art and Abyssal Scepter rework reverted

Posted on at 11:45 AM by Moobeat
[~5:45 PM PDT - 5/22 Update: A small update was pushed to the PBE with typical end of cycle- bug fix & wrap up type stuff as is usual for an update this late in the cycle.]

As we near the end of the 5.10 PBE cycle, a small patch has been pushed to the PBE! Today's update includes the splash art for Sandstorm Ekko and a revert of the Abyssal Scepter rework.
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Ekko: Chronobreak Comic

Posted on at 11:35 AM by Aznbeat
Ekko: Chronobreak, a new comic focusing on Ekko and the mysterious boy seen in the mural during  Ekko: Seconds, has been published!
"A friend in need or a murderous deed. We’re defined by the paths we take."
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High Stakes Skins now available

Posted on at 11:04 AM by Moobeat
"Pick a Card!" - The new Ace of Spades Ezreal, King of Clubs Mordekaiser, Wild Card Shaco, and Queen of Diamonds Syndra skins are now available for purchase!
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Champion and Skin Sale 5/22 - 5/25

Posted on at 7:00 AM by frostyNinja
A new champion and skin sale starts tomorrow! Between May 22nd and May 25th, you'll be able to pick up Heartseeker Ashe for 487 RP, Pentakill Karthus for 375 RP, Thunder Lord Volibear for 260 RP, Draven for 487 RP, Brand for 440 RP and Taric for 292 RP.
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Red Post Collection: New Player Reform System heading to testing, May Bundles, Ekko Q&A on May 21st, and more

Posted on at 11:10 PM by Moobeat
Tonight's red post collection includes a look at the new May bundles and return of mystery skins & chests through May 27th, a heads up that the Ekko team will be hosting a Q&A on May 21st, Lyte with details on the new player reform system headed to live, and more!
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5/20 PBE Update: Order of the Lotus Irelia, Knockout Lee Sin, and Nightmare Tryndamere splash art, Ekko Login, & more

Posted on at 3:12 PM by Moobeat
The PBE has been updated! Today's update includes splash art for the upcoming Order of the Lotus Irelia, Knockout Lee Sin, and Nightmare Tryndamere skins, a login theme for Ekko, and more tentative balance changes.
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Red Post Collection: June Sales Calender, Context on Jinx Q Changes, Mark/Dash changes for 5.10, SG Lux Fan Art & More

Posted on at 4:24 AM by Moobeat
Tonight's red post collection is MASSIVE! This collection includes the June champion & skins schedule, Gypsylord responding to another batch of Ekko feedback and offering context on the PBE Jinx Q changes, L4T3NCY on Mark/Dash changes in 5.10, Meddler with context on the recent PBE utility mastery changes, Scarizard and friends with the first patch of Live Gameplay Q+A answers, a delightful batch of Star Guadian Lux fan art, and much more!
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5/19 PBE Update: Ekko R Symbol, Skin Updates, new eSports summoner icons, and more

Posted on at 12:02 PM by Moobeat
The PBE has been updated! Today's update includes the addition of a symbol to Ekko's R, a few skin tweaks for Sandstorm Ekko &Knockout Lee Sin, new esports summoner icons, balance changes, and more!
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