Mid-July Patch Preview

Posted on at 6:34 PM by Moobeat
Here is the aptly named Mid-July patch preview. I'm curious if this means that Zyra is not coming with it or that it just contains SO much that it deserved to be centerted around the content over the new champion. At any rate, check out the video below, featuring changes for Sona, Malzahar, Jax, Twitch, Evelynn, and Xin Zhao.


  • Global cooldown ( time between casting abilities ) shortened
  • Damage on her ultimate, Crescendo, is instant.

  • His voidlings are now smarter, focus targets better, run between units better, and hide in brush if Malz is hiding in brush. ( This was already revealed on the PBE! )
  • Null Zone has no cast time and can be cast while moving.

  • New Audio for the Jaximus skin in Memory of Joe.

Xin Zhao (Full ability remake! )
  • Cooldown reduction on hit, from his old W, is now on his Q
  • His old passive, Tireless Warrior, is now attached to his W ability.
  • New Passive, Challenge, makes basic attacks and his E apply an armor reduction debuff ( only one target can be "Challenged" at a time )
  • His ultimate, Crescent Sweep, now knocks back all enemies except the one that's been challenged.
An extra image I created last night, from the PBE, showing off Xin's new kit!

Evelynn ( ability remakes )

An extra image I created last night, from the PBE, showing off Eve's new kit!
An example of how Evelynn's new stealth works

Twitch ( ability remakes ).
An extra image I created last night, from the PBE, showing off Twitch's new kit!


  1. Oh come on that was a cop out not talking about the stealth remake.

  2. The plan on making spot lights for each champ. also, the Joe thing is amazing!

  3. i see xin working well with jarvan now lol.

  4. Does anyone already know if Zyra is comming with this patch? BTW Awesome web! :)

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