PBE Preview: Bewitching 2022 & Three Honors Malzahar

Posted on at 9:26 AM by Aznbeat

 A new PBE preview is now up on Riot social media showing off new Bewitching skins for Anivia, Cassiopeia, LeBlanc, Neeko, and Senna, as well as the splash art for Three Honors Malzahar!

Continue reading for a first look at each new skin!

PBE Preview: Bewitching 2022


The LoL Weibo posted splash arts:

Bewitching Anivia & Senna

Bewitching Cassiopeia

Bewitching LeBlanc

Bewitching Neeko

Three Honors Malzahar

Look for more on these skins when the hit the PBE in the 12.20 cycle!

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