Red Post Collection: Patch 12.17 & TFT Notes, TFT B-Patch, Ruination Release & More

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Today's red post collection includes the Patch 12.17 & TFT Notes, details on a TFT b-patch coming soon, the release of Ruination, and more!
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Patch 12.17 Notes

Here's the latest Patch Notes:
"Welcome to patch 12.17, the penultimate patch before Worlds! 
With Worlds being played on patch 12.18 this is the last opportunity for us to introduce larger scale changes without significantly changing the current state of the meta in Pro play. This patch we’ll be focusing on pulling some power out of picks that have been dominating playoffs throughout the world. That said, we also have quite a few buffs for champions that haven’t been seeing as much play recently, as well as larger scope updates to champions like Maokai and Hecarim. Without further ado, to Worlds we go! 
TFT is launching its new mid-set, Uncharted Realms, which brings more Dragons, more Treasure, and more—read about it all over at the TFT patch notes here

9/12/2022 Mid-Patch Update 
  • Fixed a bug that caused Gragas’ E and R to make targets Airborne for longer than intended.

9/8/2022 Mid-Patch Update
  • Miss Fortune
    • W BONUS ATTACK SPEED 50/65/80/95/110% ⇒ 40/55/70/85/100%
    • W MANA COST 35 ⇒ 45

[Full Notes here!] 

TFT Corner

"Welcome to Uncharted Realms! 
Tacticians from across the Convergence have recklessly wielded the power of Draconic Augments and Ancient Dragons, and through this, they have forever changed the Dragonlands! For these patch notes, I'll cover the system changes that will accompany our new mid-set, but for a detailed breakdown on the new units and traits, cosmetics, or Dragons, click on the appropriate links. Alright, let’s wade into the shallows! 
Rodger "Riot Prism" Caudill
And here's a high quality version for my high quality readers (that's you, fwiw)."

  • TFT B-Patch Changelist

    • "Everything you need to know about the event and its cosmetics coming with patch 12.18 in Uncharted Realms."
"Starting September 21st alongside patch 12.18 you’re invited to join Pengu and Co on an adventure to chart the Uncharted Realms with the Secrets of the Shallows event! You’ll have until patch 12.20 to explore the lands of our new Origins (Lagoon, Darkflight, and Nomsy’s home) and earn free content. Alongside the freebies you’ll get just from helping Pengu and Co make new discoveries, there’s also a (flying) boatload of new content to explore—so let’s dive fly in! 
The Secrets of the Secrets of the Shallows

Pengu’s just graduated from Dragon Academy and is off to explore the changing landscape of the Dragonlands, but they’ll need help from someone willing to risk life and limb, or 1st and 8th, to complete missions and earn rewards. 
It’s simple, just take note of what Pengu implores you to explore and get exploring—by playing TFT of course! Across your journey you’ll earn free rewards through a total of 13 different missions. In addition to the rewards of friendship and discovery, you can expect to get 150 Star Shards, 1 Silverwing Egg, and 1800 Pass XP! 
Continuing the Adventure with New Cosmetics 
If you’ve grown quite fond of (Doctor) Dragon Trainer Pengu and their friends, the fun doesn’t have to end with the event. There’s plenty o’ seaskyfolk to recruit as more than just deckhands. 
You can pick up Chibi Kai’Sa for 1900 RP or any of the new Hauntling or Silverwing variants for 925 RP each. But if you want to try your luck at hatching a Chibi Dragonmancer Kai’Sa, look no further than the Secrets of the Shallows Eggs for 390 RP a piece! Chibi Dragonmancer Kai’Sa has a 2 percent drop rate from these Eggs, but she’s guaranteed to drop on your 61st Egg. Secrets of the Shallows Eggs are available for purchase until the end of Dragonlands. 
If you just can’t get enough of the shallows, you can dive deep with the Secrets of the Shallows bundle with a whopping 31 Secrets of the Shallows Eggs for 10530 RP! Okay, let’s take a peek at what you can open up! 
Chibi Dragonmancer Kai’Sa

Available as a rare drop from the Secrets of the Shallows Eggs, Chibi Dragonmancer Kai’Sa emerges from the Lagoon with her eyes open and focused on first place. This Chibi calls upon the Lagoon dragon, but not just Sohm Lagoon dragon, her own two-headed Lagoon dragon. Check it out below:
Move over #DiesOfCutScene, #DiesOfKai’Scene, is the new meta. Chibi Dragonmancer Kai’Sa will also have her own custom emotes with some familiar faces from Zz’Rot places.
Not a fan of hashtags? Don’t worry, you can also purchase Chibi Kai’Sa directly from the store for 1900 RP and like her Dragonmancer counterpart, she’ll come with her own custom boom, Icathian Rain.
While the Secrets of the Shallows Eggs will only be available until the end of Dragonlands, Chibi Kai’Sa, like all base Chibis, can be directly purchased from the store indefinitely. 
A couple of Hauntling have taken up home in the Darkflight Isles, but don’t let that intimidate you, they don’t participate in ritualistic sacrifice much nowadays. You can pick up any of their variants for 925 RP, or recruit them to your ship through Secrets of the Shallows Eggs for 390 RP. Check out the variants below: Infernal Haunting, Elder Haunting, Ocean Haunting, Mountain Haunting, Cloud Haunting.

The Silverwing pecking order is a hegemony based on knowledge—not just any knowledge, the knowledge of Nomsy’s SNAX recipe. You can pick up any of their variants for 925 RP, or recruit them to your ship through Secrets of the Shallows Eggs for 390 RP. Check out the variants below: Cloud Silverwing, Infernal Silverwing, Ocean Silverwing, Mountain Silverwing, Elder Silverwing.
And that’s all you need to know about the event which launches with patch 12.18. There are a couple more secret prizes in store for you upon completion of the event, but I oughta leave those as surprises.



  • 12.18 Patch preview from Riot Phroxzon:

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