Udyr, The Spirit Walker, in 12.16

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"No attack can bend our iron resolve." - The Udyr champion update is beating its way to live servers in Patch 12.16, including a new look, reworked kit, and updated skins!
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Udyr, the Spirit Walker


Stats & Abilities

Updated Stats
  • Base AD: 62
  • AD Per Level: 4
  • Attack Speed: 0.65
  • Attack Speed Ratio: 0.65
  • Attack Speed Per Level: 3

Bridge Between (Passive)

Wilding Claw (Q)

Iron Mantle (W)

Blazing Stampede (E)

Wingborne Storm (R)


Here's Udyr's updated lore:


Check out Udyr's new voiceover:
Here's Udyr's champion theme:

Updated Skins

 Each of Udyr's skins were updated:

Black Belt Udyr

 Students of the Hiraclaw Dojo know that the best way to tell people you're good at punching is to have a giant screen-printed fist on your clothes. That's a karate fact, according to sensei Udyr. Which is why their parents all buy them the special Hiraclaw gi (only $89.95).

Primal Udyr

Cursed to roam the land as something between man and beast, Udyr no longer distinguishes between hunters and hunted. Once he gets close enough to strike, they are all his prey.

Spirit Guard Udyr

Udyr's time in Ionia, training at Hirana Monastery, taught him control and calmed the storm in his heart. Though the Freljord called him home, Udyr chose to stay and help Ionia regain spiritual harmony, as it had done for him. As he gets closer to this goal, he knows that his work to do the same for the whole of Runeterra has only just begun.

Here's Spirit Guard Udyr's full voiceover:

And special interactions:

Definitely Not Udyr

Dragon Oracle Udyr

Every dragon that dies leaves behind a blazing spirit. Through Udyr, a mystic who doubted the old tales, these dragon spirits have the chance to touch life once again. He believes that dragons are only as evil as those who command them and, in channeling the spirits and their flames, seeks to prove it to the slayers.

Summoner Icons

New summoner icons will be available with purchase of Spirit Guard Udyr:
Spirit Guard Udyr Icon

Spirit Guard Udyr Tiger Claw Icon, Spirit Guard Udyr Turtle Mantle Icon, Spirit Guard Udyr Bear Stampede Icon, Spirit Guard Udyr Phoenix Storm Icon
Acquired by purchasing or unlocking the Spirit Guard Udyr ultimate skin.

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