8/9 PBE Update: Udyr Champion Update, Steel Valkyrie Skins, & Much More

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The PBE has been updated! As we start the 12.16 PBE cycle, today's patch includes the Udyr champion update, Steel Valkyrie skins for Camille, Janna + Prestige, Lucian, Nasus, and much more!
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(Warning: PBE Content is tentative and subject to change - what you see below may not reflect what eventually gets pushed to live servers at the end of the cycle! Manage your expectations accordingly.)

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Udyr Champion Update

The Udyr champion update is now testing on the PBE! Check out these links for more info:

Udyr, the Spirit Walker


Stats & Abilities

Updated Stats
  • Base AD: 62
  • AD Per Level: 4
  • Attack Speed: 0.65
  • Attack Speed Ratio: 0.65
  • Attack Speed Per Level: 3

Bridge Between (Passive)

Wilding Claw (Q)

Iron Mantle (W)

Blazing Stampede (E)

Wingborne Storm (R)


Here's Udyr's updated lore:


Check out Udyr's new voiceover:
Here's Udyr's champion theme:

Updated Skins

 Each of Udyr's skins were updated:

Black Belt Udyr

 Students of the Hiraclaw Dojo know that the best way to tell people you're good at punching is to have a giant screen-printed fist on your clothes. That's a karate fact, according to sensei Udyr. Which is why their parents all buy them the special Hiraclaw gi (only $89.95).

Primal Udyr

Cursed to roam the land as something between man and beast, Udyr no longer distinguishes between hunters and hunted. Once he gets close enough to strike, they are all his prey.

Spirit Guard Udyr

Udyr's time in Ionia, training at Hirana Monastery, taught him control and calmed the storm in his heart. Though the Freljord called him home, Udyr chose to stay and help Ionia regain spiritual harmony, as it had done for him. As he gets closer to this goal, he knows that his work to do the same for the whole of Runeterra has only just begun.

Here's Spirit Guard Udyr's full voiceover:

Definitely Not Udyr

Dragon Oracle Udyr

Every dragon that dies leaves behind a blazing spirit. Through Udyr, a mystic who doubted the old tales, these dragon spirits have the chance to touch life once again. He believes that dragons are only as evil as those who command them and, in channeling the spirits and their flames, seeks to prove it to the slayers.

Champion Skins

Five skins are now on the PBE:

Strike Commander Camille

1350 RP
There are few truly "veteran" soldiers in the galaxy, and those who make it far enough to earn the title have done so for a reason. As commander of RSM's newly minted Strike Team Hyperion, Camille is ruthless, calculating, and fierce, bringing to bear the full power of the Y03-Principality on any target unlucky enough to end up in her sights.

Cyber Halo Janna

1350 RP 
An experiment from RSM's R&D division, Janna is the only successful use of an android to pilot an exosuit in history. Perhaps it's because she looks so human that most forget the gusts of "wind" she commands are actually a fleet of nanobots connected directly to both the X09-Zephyr as well as her central processing core.

Cyber Halo Janna Prestige Edition

Event Tokens
Always a breath of fresh air in the fashion world, Janna took a risk working with a new designer for her high-tech red carpet look. That risk was well worth it: the future of fashion is here, and it's looking bright.

Strike Paladin Lucian

1350 RP
Lucian is the ace pilot of the Z01-Orion, assigned to the inaugural mission of Strike Team Hyperion: reclaiming the experimental X01-Butterfly from its turncoat thief, Kai'Sa. He may not always agree with Commander Camille's methods, or her morality, but they both know that rogue exosuits in the wrong hands would spell disaster for the galaxy.

Armored Titan Nasus

1350 RP
Nasus is Strike Team Hyperion's intelligence officer. His exosuit, the S02-Anubis, is a new model of power armor that offers increased durability, energy-siphoning power cells, and access to in-depth analysis tech for processing mission-critical information. He will see Hyperion succeed; if they don't, there's no telling what destruction rogue exo-pilots may wreak.


Tons of chromas are now on the PBE:
Battle Academia Ezreal Mythic Chroma

Bullet Angel Kai'Sa
[1 Chroma]
Dreadnova Gangplank
[1 Chroma]

Admiral Glasc
[1 Chroma]

Aether Wing Kayle
[6 Chromas]
Cyber Halo Janna
[9 Chromas]
Armored Titan Nasus
9 Chromas
Strike Commander Camille
[9 Chromas]
Strike Paladin Lucian
[9 Chromas]

Summoner Icons

Tons of new summoner icons are now on the PBE:
Steel Valkyries Event Icon
A free mission exclusive Steel Valkyries icon
 Steel Valkyries Pass Icon
An event pass bundle exclusive Steel Valkyries icon
 Steel Valkyries Mythic Essence Icon
An icon crafted with the 125 Mythic Essence shop item for the Steel Valkyries event.

X Border Icon
An icon that entitles the border for this champion

 X Chroma Icon
An icon that comes with the Event Shop-exclusive chroma

Prestige Edition Cyber Halo Janna Icon
This icon was acquired by earning Prestige Edition Steel Valkyrie Janna during the Steel Valkyries event.
 Full Moon and Poro Icon, Full Moon and Teemo Icon
This icon was released for an event in 2022
 Battle Academia Ezreal Mythic Chroma Icon
This icon was acquired by obtaining the Battle Acadamia Ezreal chroma in the Mythic Shop.
Milk Tea Poro Icon
This icon is to celebrate the 2022 anniversary of LOL CN.

Spirit Guard Udyr Tiger Claw Icon, Spirit Guard Udyr Turtle Mantle Icon, Spirit Guard Udyr Bear Stampede Icon, Spirit Guard Udyr Phoenix Storm Icon
Acquired by purchasing or unlocking the Spirit Guard Udyr ultimate skin.



New emotes are on the PBE:
Now we fight!, Let's go already!, Come again?
An emote exclusive to the Event Pass milestone missions

Thousands of Miles Together, Love Ya!, It's a full moon! Make a wish!
This emote was released for an event in 2022

Aiyo, Not Bad, Master's Challenge Season 10
More emotes will be coming later this cycle:
  • TFT Dragonlands Stage I [Rank]
  • TFT Dragonlands - Double Up: [Rank]
  • TFT Dragonlands - Hyper Roll: [Rank] Tier
  • Yes....?
  • Oh ho HO!
  • Totally Fabulous
  • Prepare Yourself
  • The Call
  • Nope
  • Can't Touch This

Ward Skins

Two new ward skins are now on the PBE (no images yet):

Recon Drone Ward
This ward was an exclusive reward for participating in the 2022 Steel Valkyrie event.

Hyperion Ward
This ward was an exclusive reward for participating in the 2022 Steel Valkyrie event.

Fizz VFX Update

Here's Riot Koyuncu with  a look at a Fizz VFX update now testing on the PBE:

"Land, ho! I'm Mikky, a QA engineer on League's Champions Team 

An update to Fizz' VFX is shipping for Patch 12.16! 🦈🦈🦈 Similar to the previous VFX updates we’ve made in the past (Leona, Nami, Vel’koz, etc.), we're working on making improvements to champions whose spell effects are in need of some love. Our aim is to get their visuals to current League standards and improve gameplay clarity. 

Keep in mind that these are smaller updates geared toward sprucing up some of the oldest members of the roster; the champions we select aren't in the same prioritization conversation as to how we decide who gets a VGU. Check out this Dev Article for more context on how the team does VFX updates: have recently published an Dev Article (https://www.leagueoflegends.com/en-us/news/dev/dev-behind-the-scenes-of-vfx-updates/). 

Video Preview: 


List of skin changes: 

  • Base: Complete overhaul
  • Atlantean Fizz: Same as base, but with a custom R and W
  • Tundra Fizz: Same as base, but with a custom R and W
  • Fisherman Fizz: Same as base, but with a custom R and W
  • Void Fizz: Complete overhaul
  • Cottontail Fizz: Complete overhaul
  • Super Galaxy Fizz: New W passive marker
  • Omega Squad Fizz: New W passive marker
  • Fuzz Fizz: New W passive marker
  • Prestige Fuzz Fizz: New W passive marker
  • Little Devil Fizz: New W passive marker 

The update should be on PBE very soon! We've got about a week before we lock any proposed changes, so I'll be monitoring common suggestions in the comments to share back with the team for possible adjustments. 

Cheers, Mikky" 


Balance Changes

NOTE*: The PBE is a testing grounds for new, tentative, & potentially experimental changes. Be aware that what you see below may be relative to other changes from earlier this cycle! These are not official notes and may be incomplete.


Context & Notes

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