Star Guardian 2022 Event Preview

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The Star Guardian 2022 event is fast approaching, featuring tons to do across three games! A new event site, story, gallery and more are now up!
Continue reading for a look at what is coming!

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Star Guardian Event Trailer

Here's a look at the event trailer and preview for the next set of Star Guardian skins:

Star Guardian Event Site

Want to know all the details on the Star Guardian 2022 event across each game and a timeline on when you can expect more info? Check out this link!

Twin Stars

A new short story is up on the site - Twin Stars by Cat Cheresh!


You can find a gallery with tons of new art:

Music Video 

A new music video will be premiering on July 14th - Everything Goes On ft. Porter Robinson | Star Guardian 2022 Official Music Video:

SG 2022 Rundown Article

Want all this info in an easy reading format? Check out this rundown article - Hope Burns Brighter Than Fear in Star Guardian 2022:
"From Sailor Moon to Puella Magi Madoka Magica, the Magical Girl or mahō shōjo genre has been a staple for anime fans for decades. As heroes navigate schoolyard relationships by day and superhero duties by night, the Magical Girl genre empowers young women, shows the importance of good friends, celebrates authentic representations of one’s self, and, of course, features plenty of awe-inspiring world-saving action.

It’s a genre we’re big fans of, if you couldn’t tell. Star Guardian is our homage to the Magical Girl and, after a few years hiatus, we’re excited to be bringing it back bigger than ever in 2022. Your home for all things Star Guardian will be This interactive website will showcase nearly everything happening across all titles over the course of the event. You’ll find stories, music, videos, and plenty more. So check out over the next few weeks to make sure you never miss a beat.

But whether you’re a longtime fan of anime or just love seeing this alternate reality for your favorite characters, here’s a Valor's-eye view of everything coming to the Star Guardian event this year!"

Look for more when the Star Guardian 2022 event starts on July 14th, as well as 12.14 PBE coverage for the next skin drop in two weeks!

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